For many large businesses, the arguments for managing their own IT infrastructure are still compelling. Very often the ability to design a solution that matches their exact needs being the primary reason to retain control. However, even the largest of organisations are now looking to bring the cloud into the mix and adopt a hybrid approach.

For small and medium-size companies, the idea of an onsite server is becoming less persuasive. Not least because the costs of running and maintaining an on-premise server infrastructure are out of their reach. So what are their options?

Servers for small and medium businesses

Well, there are off-the-shelf rental servers available. However, all too often these don’t come with the dedicated IT support and on-going management that can really make a difference to a business. What’s more, many standard options are unable to cope with the specific needs of your business; be that integration with existing IT or industry requirements or regulations.  Put simply, there are lots of free/cheap cloud services out there, but most of them aren’t suitable for the needs of modern businesses when it comes to security, compliance, synchronisation, and control.

And that’s where the managed cloud server comes in.

A step above a hosted rental server, the managed cloud server comes with everything a growing business needs to get up and running (and keep it that way). And, because they can be tailored to the exact needs of each customer, they get a solution that takes their operations, existing infrastructure, and business goals into account.

If that wasn’t enough, the infrastructure is affordable, and supported and maintained as part of the service. And that includes regular updates and security fixes.

What are the benefits of becoming a cloud server reseller?

Cloud computing is fast becoming the solution of choice for small, medium and growing businesses. And, as more and more companies look to adopt cloud-based options, it’s vital that IT suppliers can offer these services if they want to attract new business and maintain existing customer relationships.

Providing the ability to offer cloud server services via a platform that is already in place, you’ll benefit from a new income stream with minimal risk or hassle. And, because you don’t have to create your own platform, you don’t have to fork out to set up or maintain the infrastructure. You just pay for the resources and services your customers use and pass this cost onto your clients.

How do you become a cloud server reseller?

Becoming a reseller with Cloud Geeni is easy. If you have a customer who wants to use our platform, we can take care of the rest. And because you can white-label the service, re-brand it and sell it as your own, you retain complete control of your customer relationships.

When you work with an expert cloud partner like Cloud Geeni, you’ll benefit from 99.9% uptime, ISO2700 certified UK based data centres, and a UK-based support team of over 50 staff. For more information about becoming a cloud reseller, contact us on 0330 088 0801.