What is managed infrastructure-as-a-service?

Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing solution that transforms the way that your company’s data is stored and delivered. With Managed IaaS, your existing I.T. infrastructure is moved from your on-premise servers into our private cloud, where it’s managed and delivered back to you by our team of cloud computing experts.


Why let Cloud Geeni move your I.T. infrastructure into the cloud? For starters, our Managed IaaS gives your business unrivalled flexibility. Your employees can securely access their data, files and applications on any approved device, at any time and from any place, allowing them to work remotely at home, on the road or even on holiday. As a result, Managed IaaS improves efficiency, boosts productivity and helps you to maximise your billable hour.

With Cloud Geeni, your infrastructure is in safe hands. Your data is stored on private servers at our state-of-the-art, ISO-accredited UK-based data centres. We also have robust security measures and a comprehensive disaster recovery system in place to safeguard your sensitive data from any external threat, hardware malfunction or natural disaster.

Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS not only improves performance and security, but it’s an incredibly cost-effective solution. It’s available on a per-user subscription-based model, meaning you only pay for what you need. It also eliminates the heavy financial burden of installing, maintaining and upgrading your own physical servers, allowing you to reduce costs while freeing up your I.T. team to focus on adding real value to your business.

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speech mark Managed IaaS offers all the benefits of the cloud — flexibility, efficiency and value-for-money — without a loss of functionality, security or control. speech mark


How does IAAS work?

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Before we get the ball rolling, we need to carry out a pre-migration audit so we can determine the data that needs to be moved from your legacy system to our private cloud-hosted infrastructure. This also gives us an understanding of the structure of the data, how best to store it in the cloud and which transfer method we need to use to ensure a swift and seamless migration.

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First Cut of Data & Client Test

We then request access to your data which allows us to provide the best data migration method. Once this access has been granted, we’re able to get the ball rolling by migrating a “first cut” of data from your existing system to the hosted infrastructure. At this stage, we give you the opportunity to test out the new platform. Any tweaks to the location or security of the data can be made, if required.

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Final Migration

On an agreed date between you and our Cloud Geeni engineers, we make final preparations for the live migration of data. We try our best to minimise downtime, but it’s likely that we’ll need to restrict your access to the data for a short period of time. Our technology allows us to replicate a perfect mirror of your data, ensuring there are no glitches or loss of data. Voila!

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Accessing the Managed Service

Users log-in and connect remotely via a terminal services (RDP) session using any compatible computer or mobile device. Each user and device needs to be approved before connecting. We implement a two-factor authentication that verifies the identity of the user and confirms the health of their device. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, we can strip it of all data and log-in credentials with immediate effect.

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Using the managed service

speech mark With Managed IaaS, your I.T. looks and feels exactly the same and your employees use their computers as they would normally. The only difference is that your infrastructure is hosted in the cloud on our private servers (as opposed to on your own servers) and is delivered back to you by us.

Our IaaS platform provides a Windows 10 look and feel for the user, with additional network security. Each user will have their own private Documents area, plus access to a shared Company Data folder. The shared Company Data folder can be set-up to suit the structure of your organisation, with access restricted to specific user groups.

Similarly, any programmes or applications that are hosted in the cloud can be restricted by user or groups of users, if required. speech mark

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We use active/passive mode firewalls that offer fully redundant, multiple-carrier network connectivity. All inbound and outbound traffic is passed through various filters, including Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Deep Inspection to filter out any attacks, alongside Geo-IP and Botnet Filters.

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As standard, we back up your data on a nightly basis, which we retain for 14 days. If required, we can design and implement an improved package, either by retaining your backed-up data for longer or providing hourly snapshots of database servers. We can even offer off-site archive backups to a third party of your choice or your onsite equipment.

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We have a secondary data centre where your data is replicated in near real-time, ready to failover in the event of disaster or prolonged unplanned outage. Our second data centre offers the same level of hardware including storage, compute and networking capacity, which enables us to failover whilst providing the same level of redundancy and power. IaaS not only helps your business run at optimal levels, but guarantees almost zero downtime and data loss to keep you running smoothly at all times.

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Running N+1 redundancy, each clustered system consists of a minimum of four nodes that supply computing power within 2U. This helps us to reduce our power requirements, as well as our carbon footprint. Each node boasts Quad 10GBE network, high amounts of processing power with multiple Intel Xeon processors and a large supply of memory storage per node.

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Redundant stacked 10GBE switches allow us to manage and process all network traffic securely and quickly.

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Utilising Dell Compellent SANs storage, we have the ability to scale out storage platforms quickly and without interruption. We run a full read-intensive solid-state drive (SSD) platform which offers us ample storage per cluster. As standard, we review capacity addition at around 70% utilisation, so we can quickly expand your storage if required.

iaas icon data centres

Data Centres

We store your company data on secure servers at UK-based data centres. With ISO27001 accreditations and Tier 3 specifications, the data centres boast unrivalled security, power and connectivity to ensure maximum uptime and performance. They’re equipped with fire detection systems, optimal temperature control and iris-recognition entry software. Our data centres are situated in different geographical locations to protect against the effects of extreme weather or a natural disaster.


What are the Benefits of Managed IaaS?

Improves Your Business’ Performance

Cloud Geeni’s Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) helps to improve efficiency, increase productivity and boost your business’ bottom line. Our managed service allows your employees to access their data, files and documents on any approved device (such as a laptop or smartphone), at any time and from any place, making it a fantastic remote working solution. It also eliminates the need to manually email or transfer files between devices, which carries security risks.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service can also enhance collaboration by reducing business silos and improving visibility between different teams, departments and offices within your business. Meanwhile, our guaranteed 99.9% uptime keeps your business up and running at all times. Simply put, Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS allows your employees to work better and smarter, in turn helping your business to perform at optimal levels.


Safe Storage of Data

speech mark With Cloud Geeni, you’re in safe hands. Your data is stored and encrypted on private servers in our state-of-the-art UK data centres which are ISO-accredited, meaning they meet the highest certification standards. Furthermore, your data is backed up daily and duplicated in near-real-time at a secondary data centre in a separate location, ensuring zero data loss in the event of a catastrophe. speech mark


High Security

Some businesses are wary of transferring their valuable data to the cloud, falsely assuming that it will make them more vulnerable to hackers. Our stringent security measures eliminate those worries and safeguard you from the threat of cyber crime.

If your employees are working remotely, we implement two-factor authentication, which verifies the identity of all your users and confirms the health of their devices before they can log-in. We even have the ability to strip devices of all data with immediate effect if they are lost or stolen.

We also use enterprise-grade firewalls, which monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, establishing a robust barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network.

Reduces downtime

Network and server downtime is a nightmare. A hardware malfunction or power outage can severely disrupt your workflow and bring your business to a screeching halt. If your data is stored on a local server, chances are you need to wait for someone from your I.T. team to come in and resolve the issue, costing you precious time and money.

At Cloud Geeni, we strive to eliminate downtime almost entirely. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and best-practice back-up and recovery procedures, we guarantee at least 99.9% uptime to all of our clients. If a technological failure occurs at one of our UK data centres, your files automatically and seamlessly transfer to its sibling machine, ensuring your business runs smoothly at all times.


Cost Effective

speech mark All these wonderful benefits come at a competitive and cost-effective price. Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS is available on a per-user subscription basis, offering you excellent value-for-money, as well as the ability to easily expand or scale back your service as required. IaaS can also help you to save money. Because your infrastructure is moved to our data centres and hosted in the cloud, it eliminates the need for you to maintain your own physical servers, as well as the data room in which it’s housed. Additionally, our guaranteed 99.9% uptime eliminates those hard-to-quantify yet expensive costs associated with downtime. speech mark

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Fully-Managed Migration

We don’t call it a “managed” service for nothing. Whereas other IaaS providers move your infrastructure into the cloud and leave you to it, Cloud Geeni monitors and maintains your service 365 days a year. If any potential issues arise, our engineers are notified immediately and are committed to keeping your business up and running at all times. The migration process is fully managed, too. Our team of experienced engineers take care of the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and swift experience. We’ll even let you test your new service before confirming the migration, just so we know you’re fully satisfied.

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Unrivalled Depth of features

Our Managed IaaS comes with a whole host of features included as-standard. From a security standpoint, your data is safely stored and backed-up in our state-of-the-art UK data centres while our robust security measures ensure it’s fully protected. When it comes to software, we give you access to the latest versions of all the Microsoft applications you need. Need support? Our friendly, dedicated team of Microsoft-certified engineers are always on hand to resolve any issue. Plus, there’s no limit to the power, space and memory you can have. Cloud Geeni offers a comprehensive cloud computing service that satisfies all your business needs.

Access to the Latest Software

In addition to the safety, flexibility and peace of mind that we provide, our Infrastructure-as-a-Service gives you access to the latest, cutting-edge software, helping you to stay ahead of the competition. As a Microsoft-certified Cloud Solution Provider, we’re a trusted specialist in offering a comprehensive and continually-updated suite of Microsoft products including Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Server and Microsoft Teams. Our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified engineers have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to build efficient IaaS solutions using core Microsoft technologies including Azure, Hyper-V and SQL Server.


Easily Scalable

We understand that your I.T. demands can change over time and it can be difficult to predict what services and software you might need in the future, which is why Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS can be easily adjusted based on your needs. If you experience a period of high demand, you can simply expand your service. Likewise, should that demand drop off, you can easily scale things back to suit your current situation. Whether you’re experiencing sudden growth or you need to streamline operations, Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS changes with your business.

Perfect for a Wide Range of Industries

Managed IaaS can supercharge a wide range of businesses and sectors — basically, any business that could benefit from a more efficient, flexible and secure I.T. infrastructure. Cloud Geeni are the number one Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for many organisations in the UK and our cloud computing solutions are especially useful for international businesses.

Over the last 35-plus years, we’ve worked closely with legal firms of different sizes and have developed extensive expertise, experience and close relationships within this industry. We also have many happy clients in the accounting, software, insurance and recruitment sectors.


Reasons to Switch to Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS

Your I.T. staff are too busy maintaining your existing I.T. infrastructure, constantly putting out fires instead of maximising their talent and skills.

Your I.T. infrastructure is old, inefficient and unreliable — it needs upgrading.

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Your company is growing or going through an acquisition, and you need an I.T. platform that can be easily installed and integrated across the entire organisation.

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Your staff tend to work remotely (perhaps they’re on the road a lot or they do a lot of work from home) and you want to be able to manage them in a secure and effective way.

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You want to build a hybrid cloud platform, but you’re unable to implement and manage it on your own. You need help from the professionals.

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Your current I.T. infrastructure is too expensive and you want to upgrade to a more cost-effective I.T. solution while reaping the benefits of a modern system.


Why Your I.T. Staff Might Not Like Managed IaaS

When exploring the idea of upgrading from your legacy system to Managed IaaS, you may face resistance from your I.T. Director or I.T. department. When they hear about removing the physical servers and moving things into the cloud, they might think that we’re here to steal their job. They’d be wrong, of course! (We’ll explain later.)

Still, here are some of the common complaints you might face from your I.T. staff when floating the idea of moving to our Managed IaaS platform.

managed iaas illustration

It removes the need for a physical infrastructure

Because your infrastructure is moved into our private cloud and stored in our highly-secure data centres, IaaS eliminates the need for you to install, maintain and upgrade the physical, on-site servers that your I.T. staff are responsible for looking after.

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We manage your I.T. infrastructure, not your I.T. team

When you upgrade to Cloud Geeni, we take over the responsibility of managing and maintaining your I.T. infrastructure. We monitor your service 24/7/365 and are notified immediately if any issues occur. Our friendly, UK-based customer support team are also on hand if you require any help or assistance.

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It’s a modern technology they may not understand

Some I.T. staff don’t like Managed IaaS simply because it’s a modern technology that’s different from the way that things have traditionally been done, and they don’t fully understand it. If this is the case, you might need to upgrade more than just your I.T. infrastructure.


Why Your I.T. Staff Should Embrace Managed IaaS

Despite their potential gripes and grievances, your I.T. staff should actually embrace Managed IaaS. Your business migrating from a legacy system to Cloud Geeni’s hosted infrastructure opens up a whole host of exciting opportunities for your I.T. team while adding real value to your business.

IaaS relieves your I.T. staff of the burden of constantly fixing servers and resolving other minor issues, which can be boring, tedious and come with its headaches.

IaaS allows your I.T. staff to use their time, energy and attention in more beneficial ways, such as properly managing the company’s infrastructure while exploring, improving and innovating your company’s technology.

IaaS can improve relationships and boost staff morale within your business. No longer does your I.T. team have to bear the brunt of your employees’ frustrations when a server goes down. Who knows? They might even feel appreciated!

The cost benefits of Managed IaaS frees up capital that can potentially be used to fund your I.T. team and their new technological endeavours.

This isn’t just theoretical. Cloud Geeni have worked with numerous businesses where our Managed IaaS service has benefitted their I.T. department while vastly improving their computing infrastructure. After all, technology is crucial to the success of any modern business — and it will only become more important as technology continues to rapidly advance and expand into more areas of our lives.

Managed IaaS doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom for your I.T. department. We aren’t here to steal your job. In fact, IaaS can provide a new lease on life for your I.T. staff, relieving them of menial maintenance duties and enabling them to explore new and exciting technological opportunities that will add value to both their job and your business as a whole.


Why Use Cloud Geeni?

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We truly understand your business and industry

Cloud Geeni aren’t the only Managed IaaS providers on the market, but what sets us apart is our commitment to our clients. Whether you’re an accountant, a solicitor or a recruitment agency, we take the time to listen to your problems so that you can trust that we know and understand your business, the challenges and threats that you face within both your individual business and your industry, and how best to approach what you want to achieve. We strive to be experts not just in our own industry, but in yours, too. This allows us to deliver an effective and suitable IaaS solution that benefits your business in the most meaningful way.

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We have a diverse and dynamic team

Beyond our 35-plus years of experience as a business, the Cloud Geeni team itself possesses a diverse and dynamic skill set that enables us to deliver such a quality and consistent service. Our technical team boasts extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We’re experts in the entire IaaS process, from carrying out a swift and seamless data migration to building a highly-functional and efficient hosted infrastructure to helping our clients realise the potential of their new technology.

Our IaaS expertise is only enhanced by the rest of our wonderful team. Between our sales, support and customer service departments, the Cloud Geeni team draws on experience in a variety of industries such as telecoms, banking and recruitment. Many of our team have been with us for a long time — some for over 20 years! — yet we also make an effort to recruit new staff who are educated in emerging technologies, giving us a vibrant mix of experience and innovation.

While each individual member brings their own unique skills, knowledge and experiences to the table, the Cloud Geeni team all share the same passion, vision and ambition for delivering the best possible I.T. solutions and customer service to our clients.

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We have over 35 years of experience

At Cloud Geeni, we have a long and proud heritage as a leading provider of I.T. solutions. Founded in 1984, we have more than three decades’ worth of experience and expertise in delivering secure, efficient and reliable computing solutions, including Managed IaaS.

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses across a variety of sectors, from accountants and solicitors to construction companies and estate agents. We’ve helped countless clients level up their computing infrastructure, resolve and avoid I.T.-related issues, and fast-track their operations and systems into the modern age.

However, just because we’ve been around the block, that doesn’t mean we don’t stay ahead of the curve. In fact, one of the reasons we’ve managed to remain at the top of our industry for so long is because of our commitment to innovation and evolution.

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We offer excellent customer support

Cloud Geeni’s managed service is just that: managed. Our I.T. specialists monitor your service 24/7 to make sure it’s running smoothly and efficiently without any interruptions. Our standard customer support is available from 9am to 5pm, while our extended support line is open from 7am to 10pm.

Most client issues are resolved over the phone within 5 to 10 minutes. However, we also have an account management team that visits each client periodically to review the performance of their managed service and discuss any upcoming plans or problems that we may be able to help with.

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We take a friendly and helpful approach

Aside from being I.T. nerds, we’re also lovely people to work with. Friendly, down-to-earth and approachable, we’re passionate about going the extra mile for our clients. With a wealth of customer service experience amongst our staff, we strive to resolve client issues quickly, make improvements where possible, and deliver the level of service that we’d like to receive ourselves. With Cloud Geeni, you not only get a high-quality Managed IaaS solution, but a helpful and attentive service to go with it.

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We continually innovate

Although our services are some of the best on the market, we never rest on our laurels. As a team, we dedicate around 800 hours each month to further developing our knowledge in order to stay ahead of the technological curve. We don’t just learn for learning’s sake, though. We always ensure our education has practical value and can be applied to the needs and wants of the businesses and industries we work with.

A significant portion of these hours are dedicated to improving our technology itself, whether it be the hardware, software or third-party add-ons. This allows us to deliver a more secure, efficient and reliable managed service for our clients.

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We’re fully-accredited I.T. professionals

Cloud Geeni has been reviewed and approved by all the necessary regulatory bodies and organisations within the I.T. industry. We have an array of accreditations, competencies and certificates, ensuring the security and safety of your data, the quality and reliability of your service and the implementation of best-practice procedures.

We have Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Hosting Partner, Microsoft Silver Datacenter Partner and CyberSecurity Essentials accreditations. We have competencies in Microsoft Server Technologies, Microsoft Desktop Technologies and Dell Compellent Storage Centre. And we have certificates for Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Technology Specialist and Dell Compellent Storage Centre Advanced Administrator. With Cloud Geeni, you’re in good hands.