Hosted desktops that are secure, scalable and cost effective

  • Accessible. Increase productivity across your business with 24/7 access and 99.9% uptime
  • Secure. Achieve the highest levels of security and compliance with robust backups and stringent security management
  • Cost-effective. Improve your IT infrastructure and reduce the burden of ongoing IT investment. All for one low monthly price
  • Scalable. Give your business the competitive advantage with cloud services that grow and evolve alongside you.

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Meeting the needs of a wide-range of industries

We’re passionate about the industries we support, with hosted services that help your business stay ahead of the competition

Kind words from our clients

  • “We were able to cut our annual IT budget by 60% and save a further £15,000 by no longer needing to replace our old server.”

  • “Cloud Geeni has supported our expansion and saved us a lot of time and money because we haven’t had to invest in expensive IT infrastructure for the new office. A major benefit of Cloud Geeni is the ability to work from anywhere, whenever we want. In our line of work, sometimes customers contact us and ask for things at the weekend, previously I would have to come into the office but now I can just do this quickly and easily from wherever I am. I have worked with Cloud Geeni for a year now, I’m glad that we made the decision to switch to Hosted Desktops and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cloud Geeni; it’s a great product, it works very well and the support we’ve had throughout the process has been really good.”

  • “I am very impressed with the support and performance received during our recent move to Cloud Geeni. I was very nervous and sceptical. I was expecting the migration from our in-house server network to be an extremely stressful event, as we had been using it for over 14 years. It’s not often I say this, but I am a very happy person.”

  • “I am very pleased with our hosted desktop. Security is infinitely improved with back ups taken care of and IT hassles a thing of the past. Everything runs a lot faster and we can now work from anywhere. I would definitely recommend Cloud Geeni to other legal practices.”

  • “It is one of the best moves we have made with regards to our IT infrastructure. It gives us so much more flexibility compared to our old server and it is much easier with all costs relating to back up, IT support etc all rolled in to one low monthly fee. I would definitely recommend a hosted server solution from Cloud Geeni to other accountants.”