The cloud is helping organisations to succeed in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. And, crucially, to provide better and more efficient services to their customers. Here are just some of the ways that the cloud is giving businesses the freedom they need to innovate.


As the world around us changes, the businesses that survive are usually those that are most able to adapt. And, in a digital age, organisations must have an IT infrastructure that can adjust with them.

Because the cloud is exceptionally flexible, businesses benefit from an agile system that supports business growth, rather than hinders it. So the cloud is capable of overcoming the limitations of more traditional IT infrastructure.


Today, increasing the speed to market while reducing the cost of bringing new services to customers is essential. But, while legacy systems made this problematic, the cloud helps organisations to streamline their processes; enabling them to work smarter so that they can save time and boost productivity.


With the cloud, different environments can be used to testbed innovation cheaply and quickly. Indeed, with the cloud, organisations can experiment with the peace of mind that if their endeavours don’t go to plan, they can simply modify their cloud strategy with no adverse outcomes.

On the other hand, where an organisation is still maintaining its own infrastructure and systems, it can be challenging to find the extra resource needed to innovate. Legacy systems can also make the process of developing, testing and rolling out new services much more arduous, laborious and expensive. And that can halt innovation in its tracks.

Ease of management

As well as requiring large amounts of capital, traditional IT systems meant that businesses needed time and human resources when developing new services. That’s in addition to maintaining their existing functionality. But, with the cloud, the provider looks after the software as part of their fee. So, organisations enjoy all the features they need, without having to always worry about maintaining and upgrading their IT.

Access to resource

The cloud provides previously unattainable access to enterprise-level IT, usually for one affordable monthly fee. So, businesses can tap into these resources as and when they need it.

What’s more, even where there is a desire to innovate, companies can find this tricky when the future is uncertain. But because cloud-based services are available for a manageable monthly price, they don’t have to put off investing until they know what the future might bring.

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