Cloud computing is now one of the most useful tools on the planet when it comes to making your business infrastructure a more scalable and flexible one, giving you the ability to grow your business whilst also ensuring that your processes are as streamlined as possible. It’s this combination of functionality and flexibility that makes it such an important piece of every business’ operations. One industry where the adoption of cloud platforms has been rather slow for businesses is the manufacturing industry, where traditional operational tools have begun to stifle progress and leave the industry a step behind where it needs to be. Thankfully, the cloud is now starting to see more usage, with companies in the manufacturing sector choosing to utilise the technology and the results have been incredibly pleasing. By migrating to cloud computing platforms and solutions, manufacturers have been able to improve their workflow, decrease instances of lost stock, and speed up the lengthy product development process, which you can learn more about below. 


If you’re a manufacturer and you’re looking to find out how you could utilise the power of cloud-based solutions, get in touch with our team here at Cloud Geeni! We’re a leading cloud provider who pride ourselves on our ability to meet customer demands with a tailored solution that’s built to last – our cloud solutions will save you time, allow you to work more efficiently, and reduce mistakes across the board! After a quick chat with our experts, you’re sure to see the value of opting to work with a cloud service provider, but if you’re still unsure, here is an overview of the uses of the cloud for manufacturers and the benefits of using these applications in your industry. 


How Can The Cloud Be Utilised for Manufacturers?

The manufacturing industry faces its own set of unique challenges that must be tackled in order to succeed – for the most part, one of the biggest challenges is the sheer amount of data that must be controlled, monitored, and dealt with across the various stages of the manufacturing process. From the initial order processing all the way through to shipping, the data for each order can become incredibly complex – you’ll be tracking not just the sales order and shipping details, but everything in between too, which can present a huge opportunity for crucial data to be lost. If lost, this can lead to the disappearance of materials and components, as well as a loss of time, which decreases efficiency and productivity as time will now have to be spent rectifying this issue too. 


With cloud computing, your data flow becomes far more linear, with software available that incorporates each step of the production process and showcases the information in a way that’s clear and easy to manage; thanks to this clearer overview of your resources, you can be sure that you’re limiting loss or damage during the process, which leads to a level of efficiency that every business strives to achieve. 


Supply Chain Management helps you to not only speed up your processes but to monitor them more closely too – by being able to review your production line productivity, you’re able to see where you’re underperforming and where there might be room for improvements to be made. This could be in the form of a different process being implemented, updated systems and machinery, or the introduction of software that can handle the activity more effectively. Cloud-based systems can be used as part of your business strategy to improve performance through supply chain management – by using intelligent cloud-based applications to monitor your materials and stock from supplier to customer, you can be sure that you never miss a beat and always have access to accurate measures of your stock levels in real-time. 


The Benefits of Cloud Adoption


The benefits of the cloud are very easy to see and just as easy to quantify; in just a short time, you’re able to see the productivity numbers for your manufacturing operations soar, with more goods being produced with a far lower rate for error. This is a huge benefit of the cloud, but certainly not the only one – there’s scalability, agility, and integration which all playing their part too.



In the modern business environment, remaining agile is of ever-growing importance – by being able to quickly react to changes in demand and resources, you ensure that you’re always on top of your workflow, no matter how high or low the demand is. This flexibility and ease of use can also be a huge help to major corporations, where people in multiple locations will need to be accessing information from the same source at a moment’s notice. Whilst you may have previously been relying on email to transport information such as audits, reports, or order forms, you’ll now be able to automate the entire system using the cloud, enabling any user with the correct access to the platform to view the information that they need when they need it. This can also be an incredibly useful feature during the development process, where prototypes and blueprints can be shared, edited, and collaboratively worked upon with far more efficiency than ever before. When executed correctly, this will reduce the time to market for your products and ensure that you’re a step ahead of the competition. 




As a business, you’ll always need to be conscious of your costs and with a business model that’s founded upon the use of cloud services, you can be sure that your running costs are kept to a minimum. Cloud technology removes the need for much of your physical infrastructure and instead replaces that with the agility and scalability that manufacturing companies require. In the past, you may have been paying a set price for your services, which didn’t fairly reflect their value to your business all year round; with our scalable platforms here at Cloud Geeni, you’ll be able to increase and decrease your capacity whenever you need to, so you’re never paying for more than you need at any time. This ensures that your costs are always reflective of the value that the service is providing. By spending on cloud, you’ll be reducing your spend on physical infrastructure and opening up the possibilities of a completely agile workforce. 



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If you’re a company in manufacturing that’s looking to invest in cloud computing software, get in touch with our team here at Cloud Geeni – we’re experts when it comes to all things cloud-related, so whether you need help selecting the correct services and platforms, or you’re looking for advice on how to integrate these solutions into your entire business model, we’re here to help. We look to make things as easy for your users so that your enterprise can adopt the cloud with less difficulty, making the migration to virtual infrastructure a smooth, efficient one for your business. Once you take this step towards modern manufacturing, you’ll never turn back – with enhanced security, the ability to monitor the performance of machines and employees, and in-depth analysis available should you need it, your manufacturing potential will have never been higher.