The cloud part of a new digital landscape. And it has helped to transform the world of work completely. From recruitment to working practices, to collaboration and how we service our customers, today, there are few aspects of a business that aren’t informed by the cloud. But why do UK businesses love the cloud so much?

Large companies are using the cloud to become more agile

Larger companies have lots of benefits over smaller organisations, but speed and flexibility usually aren’t two of them. However, many large businesses are now ditching their legacy systems and turning to the cloud to help them become more agile.

What’s more, in response to the rise of a new breed of cloud-worker, enterprise organisations are evolving their workforce technology to serve their needs. Today, many large companies are taking a “cloud-first” approach and/or prioritising cloud-based business apps.

SMEs are using the cloud to help them grow (without having to pay huge fees)

The right tech is crucial when it comes to helping SMEs to develop and thrive. And here the cloud delivers significant benefits.

For example, with cloud-hosted desktops, SMEs only ever pay for what they need on a per-user basis. But it’s easy to scale up (or down) on demand. So, should they need to open a new office, they can get a new location up-and-running quickly and easily; with access to all the same services and applications. So, with the cloud, SMEs benefit from a flexible system that supports business growth, rather than hinders it.

Another reason that cloud-based technology is becoming more and more popular is that it provides smaller businesses with enterprise-level IT. They also benefit from reduced setup, hardware and software costs and there is no need to factor in the price of energy, physical space, upgrades, maintenance, etc.

Start-ups are using the cloud to drive innovation

Innovators such as Uber, Netflix and Airbnb have changed the marketplace by embracing a cloud-model. And such visionaries are inspiring other entrepreneurs to innovate and experiment.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges when launching a startup is taking on bigger competitors who have money to invest (if not to burn). However, the cloud provides previously unattainable access to enterprise-level IT, usually for one affordable monthly fee. So, with the cloud on their side, smaller businesses can tap into the same resources as their larger competitors.

Crucially, when a startup uses cloud technology, the initial investment has already been made on their behalf. And, the cloud provider will also look after the software as part of their fee. So startups can enjoy all the latest features they need, without having to worry about maintaining and upgrading their IT constantly.

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