Here at Cloud Geeni, we are always surprised by the amount of businesses both in the UK and across the globe that are still reluctant to embrace the cloud. Why is this? Well, polls show that a lot of businesses still aren’t entirely sure how cloud computing and cloud communications are actually going to improve their business. This is particularly the case for small businesses, where the upfront investment, weighed against benefits that aren’t really understood, can appear unappealing and risky. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We deal with cloud computing on a daily basis here at Cloud Geeni – it’s what we specialise in. Having worked at the forefront of technology in the UK for decades now, no one understands the amazing benefits that cloud computing can bring to business productivity, security, communications and more. With that in mind, we thought we would take a look at some of the main reasons that businesses should be embracing the cloud in 2020 and beyond.

Better growth and flexibility

By working with a trusted managed cloud computing provider like Cloud Geeni, you get access to the phenomenal flexibility and scalability of cloud services. If you’re a small business looking for an IT solution but know that you need to plan for continued growth over the course of a few years, then cloud computing can deliver exactly the right scalability so that you can have access to the features, services and capacity that you need, exactly when you need it.

Chart showing growth and flexibility

The cloud is going to save your business money

What is the main reason that any new technology surpasses a predecessor? It can do the same services (if not more) at a higher quality and for cheaper. The same is true of cloud computing. But how exactly does it save businesses money?

Well, it saves you from a number of capital expenses. The more you host in the cloud, the less need there is for purchasing, maintaining, repairing and replacing expensive hardware. The cloud allows you (or your managed cloud provider) to handle these virtually, more quickly and more easily. On-site data centres and hardware can become extremely costly to run – by migrating some or all of your IT to the cloud, you’ll save on these costs.

Improve your data security and backup

As the business world continues to become more and more digital, even businesses that would traditionally not rely on their IT are now coming to depend on it to protect their data and other sensitive materials. These days, just about every business has some data online that they couldn’t afford to have compromised or lost. Fortunately, cloud storage and cloud hosting deals with a lot of these problems.

keeping your data secure

Data integrity is a core principle of most cloud computing services – including ours here at Cloud Geeni. By choosing a trusted cloud computing provider, you can rest assured that your data is not only protected with the best data security out there, but that it is also backed up and prepared for disaster recovery.

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