Many organisations have upgraded to a cloud-based digital accounting package. Primarily to meet the requirements of HMRC’s new digital tax regime. But the benefits of digital accounting packages should be enough motive for switching. Indeed, even if you were not being required to make tax digital, you should do so anyway.

Here are just some of the reasons why your business should use cloud-based accounts software.

Real-time access to information

Legacy accounts systems are often clunky to use. And, all too often, it is challenging to get up-to-date financial snapshots from a traditional setup. However, with cloud accounting software, real-time insights can be accessed in seconds. What’s more, with accurate live information, you can make smarter business decisions. For example, you’ll be able to determine whether you can afford to grow into a new area or territory. And you can do this at a glance.

Save time

Because of built-in automation and time-saving processes, the burden of accounting work is reduced significantly. This helps your people to save valuable hours each day. And, free from repetitive tasks, your accounts team can make better use of its time. For example, rather than just crunching numbers and generating financial statements, it could supply insights and advice on how to improve finances. It could also anticipate future trends and look at how the numbers can make your business work smarter.

Better security

Financial information stored in the cloud is automatically backed up. So, you don’t have to worry about data loss. But more than this, data security is better in the cloud. And, in an age of cybercriminals and online threats, this is a significant benefit. Of course, whenever we talk about the cloud, organisations often raise concerns about security. However, the truth is that modern cloud-based systems tend to be safer than onsite solutions.

Increased productivity

Because the cloud provides access to data anytime, anywhere, on any device, you can revolutionise the way your people work. And, supporting flexible and mobile accounts working will result in increased productivity across your business. With 24/7 access and 99% uptime.

Migrating to cloud-based accounts software

If you want to experience the benefits of cloud-based software, but you are worried about how to best implement it in your business, combining a SaaS accounts solution with a hosted desktop is an excellent way to start. Not least because it will maximise your IT resources.

Indeed, by providing access to enterprise-level informational tools that may otherwise be out of reach, the hosted desktop brings together processes and data like never before. This enhanced management information leads to more informed, smarter decision making.

What’s more, because it is scalable, you’ll give your business a competitive advantage. With affordable, subscription-based cloud services that grow and evolve alongside you.

At Cloud Geeni, our cloud solutions offer the highest levels of data security and compliance. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today for an informal chat.