A cloud desktop is also known as a virtual desktop, hosted desktop, or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Crucially, for end-users, the cloud desktop works just like a standard computer desktop. So, when they open/power up their preferred device, they are presented with all the files and applications needed to do their jobs. However, unlike a traditional Microsoft Windows desktop, the necessary settings, data, and operating system are delivered over the internet, rather than stored on the computer’s hard drive. This means that employees can access their cloud desktop from any internet-enabled device. And this makes remote and mobile working a far more viable option.

But what else do you need to know?

What’s the difference between cloud desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?

With VDI, your IT team loads and manages a server, hosted in a datacentre, with virtualisation software. With VDI, you are responsible for managing your hardware, software, licensing, and deployment in-house. So, you have to devote valuable time and resource to keep everything working as it should. VDI also relies on network connectivity with a weak connection hampering performance. Scalability can also be complex as you have to manage capacity needs, and balance these against any increase in costs.

On the other hand, with cloud desktops, your data, OS, and applications are hosted in the cloud and managed by a service provider. So, you pay a subscription to your vendor, and they make sure everything works. This means you can save on ongoing maintenance costs, and you don’t have to worry about employing any in-house VDI expertise. Furthermore, with a cloud desktop, you only ever pay for what you need, with the ability to scale up, or down, on-demand.

Key benefits of cloud desktops

Like most cloud services, there is little, or no investment needed to get started and no costly hardware to maintain. Instead, because they operate on a subscription model, cloud desktops offer a predictable cost model. What’s more, as well as helping to reduce costs, with a cloud desktop you get better equipment for your business, at a fraction of the price, with storage capacity, processing power, memory, and network bandwidth all part of a shared kit.

Cloud desktops are also secure. Yes, data can be accessed from anywhere, but the data isn’t stored on any particular computer, it can be wiped if the device is ever lost or stolen. This makes dealing with a potential security breach much easier. Furthermore, your valuable business data is never just floating around in cyberspace. Instead, with a cloud desktop, everything is stored on servers at a secure data centre, with all the latest software fixes, encryption and security updates constantly protecting your system. Furthermore, should a data disaster happen, it’s not a problem. Your data is backed up automatically, with these backups tested regularly to make sure they work.

Cloud desktops also make remote working much simpler. Employees have access to everything they need wherever they need it, on any device. Even if they aren’t in the office.  And they don’t need to log in and log out of many different devices.

For busy organisations, cloud desktops also make day-to-day operations easier.  Processes are streamlined, collaboration is enhanced, and efficiency bolstered. And that’s without the hassle of buying, running, and maintaining your own server. At the same time, you can keep using your tried and trusted business applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and Sage.

Also, flexibility and scalability are two major benefits of cloud desktops. Indeed, because the cloud is on-demand. You can set up accounts for new users and order more storage space as and when required. In a matter of minutes. It’s also straightforward to add new applications as and when needed.

At Cloud Geeni, our cloud desktop services consistently achieve the highest level of data security and reliability. With high-quality support and customer service, and proven experience in understanding business needs, we provide everything you need to help your business thrive. To find out how a cloud desktop can benefit your business, speak to a member of our team today!