Each industry has its own ways that it likes to do things – these methods are tried, tested, and effective, so many feel that there’s no need to switch things up. Whilst this is a safe and secure way to play the game, it’ll never lead to exponential growth or exciting advancements – you have to take big risks and make changes if you want to win big. In the manufacturing industry, that change is cloud computing. In years gone by, everything in this industry has been done manually – it’s been seen as the best way to keep efficiency high and costs low, but with cloud computing advancements now changing this ethos, could this be the right time for your manufacturing business to step into the 21st Century and start to really make use of the technology that is available to you? Below, we’ve detailed 4 of the most effective and innovative ways that your manufacturing business could adopt cloud computing, so read on to learn more. 


Developing products with speed and efficiency 

Modern manufacturing is constantly moving – there are new demands around every corner and, without the right technology and tools in place, that can be incredibly difficult to keep up with. Product development has long been one of the most time-consuming parts of the manufacturing process, with multiple levels of research and development needing to be carried out before a product can be put into production. By utilising cloud computing as part of your development strategy, you’ll be able to streamline this process to ensure that everything is moving as quickly as possible – it’ll be easier to share designs, make amendments, or brainstorm ideas than ever before when you’re working in the cloud. 


In a simple click of a button, you’ll be able to move products from the idea generation stage to full-scale manufacturing in the blink of an eye, helping you to get your product on the market and out of the door as quickly as possible and more importantly, faster than the competition. 


Tracking your stock

Another way to use cloud computing to enhance your manufacturing business is to utilise it as a stock tracking and monitoring system – by replacing your physical systems and automating stock control and status, you’re able to keep a closer eye on the stock as it passes through the business in all of its different stages, from raw materials to the finished article. This automated tracking of stock will free up manpower and create a slicker, smoother way to monitor and control your stock levels at all times, so you’ll always be aware how much stock you’re holding at every moment. An additional benefit of this system is that you lower the chances of stock being lost or misplaced whilst it’s in your possession, as you have a log of its location at every stage. 


In short, cloud computing makes it easier to manage price quotes and customer requests in one simple platform, leading to fewer mistakes and enhanced tracking which will enable you to lower your order cycle times as a result. 

Monitoring the productivity of your workforce

Beyond just monitoring stock, you can use cloud computing to take things a step further and actually start to analyse the performance and productivity of your workforce by monitoring expected output against the real-time production figures. If you notice any trends in performance with certain staff, or at certain times, or on certain projects, you’ll know where to focus your attention when looking for areas to improve upon in your workflow. Alternatively, if you see regular trends of hyperactivity, you can again investigate the reasons for this and attempt to replicate them across the rest of your production line. A cloud computing solution can also help you to make communication easier and clearer across your business, which is another sure-fire way to ensure that you’re always on your A-game in terms of output and productivity.


If you’d like to learn more about how you could integrate cloud computing into your manufacturing business, or looking to find out how other industries could benefit from the adoption of cloud solutions, get in touch with the team at Cloud Geeni! Our experts are always on hand to offer advice and guidance and our website is packed full of useful information, guides, blogs, and whitepapers outlining the uses and benefits of cloud computing in every industry.