Working in recruitment is a constant challenge. Strict deadlines, targets, and the need to match candidate and client expectations mean firms have to go above and beyond if they want to get ahead of the rest. And that’s before we start to think about the as yet unknown consequences of Brexit.

Despite this, the industry is continuing to grow[1]. And, while businesses of all types are using cloud computing to succeed in a competitive marketplace, this technology offers particular benefits to the recruitment sector.

  1. Data security and compliance

The cloud lets you access your files wherever you are. And, by bringing together processes and data, delivers enhanced management information leading to more informed decision-making, and even creates opportunities for new revenue streams.

But, data security is big news. And it’s no wonder with cyber-attacks rarely out of the headlines.  However, contrary to what most people think, moving to the cloud and storing data and applications remotely shouldn’t put your business at any more risk. In fact, with robust cloud encryption, cloud storage is safer for recruiters than many onsite solutions. But to keep your data safe you need a partner that understands the current and emerging data security risks, and ensures the necessary steps to protect against them.

Data compliance in recruitment is also crucial. As such, any contract you enter into must require your cloud provider to comply with the Data Protection Act. This should cover meeting established security levels, processes for dealing with information, service level agreements, and expected levels of backup and retrieval procedures. And, next year even tighter data protection legislation will come into force. With breaches of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) opening recruitment firms up to maximum penalties of €20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover, it’s vital that your cloud supplier is ready for the change.

  1. Agility

Agile working removes the need for the traditional, rigid office set-up. Bringing people, processes, and technology together, the result is more flexible working patterns, processes, and environments. The good news is that modern technological advancements are making flexible working easier than ever.

Understandably, in the recruitment industry, agility is a highly desirable attribute. One which allows firms to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. The cloud allows recruiters to be agiler; both in how they work and where they work. For example, with the cloud, you will be able to take a brief from your client and send it straight over to the office. You can even search your database while in client offices. This supports more flexible working practices and leads to increased productivity.

It’s also easy to upgrade or add new software, allowing the system to grow and expand at the same pace as your business.

  1. Improved access to technology

Agile working enables recruiters to streamline their procedures. This inevitably leads to the removal of inefficient tech, processes, staff, and real estate.  And by automating core processes, consultants are free to focus on revenue generation and customer service.

But more than this, most cloud-based software is provided on a subscription basis, with no upfront expenditure. So, recruitment firms can access to best-in-class software that may otherwise be financially out of their reach.

At Cloud Geeni, we specialise in providing cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) to recruitment consultants. We understand how recruitment agencies work, and what they need to share and maintain candidate records securely, while being able to access files from any location.

Understanding the IT challenges faced by the recruitment sector, our team delivers sophisticated cloud solutions for professional services companies that keep you profitable and compliant. Our cloud server services also consistently achieve the highest level of data security and reliability, maximising safety and eliminating downtime.


To find out how a hosted desktop solution can help to deliver efficiency throughout your business processes –  while protecting your client, candidate and business data  – speak to a member of our team on 01942 263 434 today.

[1] Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC) annual Recruitment Industry Trends