Businesses of all types and sizes are using technology to enable change. And, when it comes to empowering organisations and transforming the way they operate, the cloud has been the biggest digital game-changer.

But forward-thinking businesses have moved beyond using the cloud to help them with day-to-day tasks. Although it is still helping them to do this. Working with the right cloud providers, they are also using the cloud to inform their entire business strategy.

The cloud is a disruptor

Just think of businesses such as Uber, Netflix and Airbnb. These innovators have changed the marketplace by embracing a cloud-model. Of course, these successes might be hard to emulate. But there is no doubt that such visionaries are inspiring other organisations to adopt a strategic approach to the cloud and use it to gain a competitive advantage.

The cloud is a strategic enabler

The result in this shift is that the cloud is now seen as more than just a tool that helps employees to become more productive. It’s also been used to drive innovation. Not least because, with the cloud, organisations can experiment with the peace of mind that if their endeavours don’t go to plan, they can simply modify their cloud strategy with no negative outcomes.

So, for any business serious about strategic growth, the cloud must be part of the boardroom conversation.

The cloud is attracting talent

Of course, if you want your business to be a market-leader, you have to employ the very best people. And the cloud is now crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Let’s face it, today we are all used to using the latest technology in our personal lives, so it’s unlikely that many of us would be motivated or inspired by having to work with clunky systems that are out-of-date.

What’s more, with fewer people sitting at their desks 9-5 than ever before, the cloud is key to offering flexible working. Because, by giving employees access to all their data, software, and files wherever they are, the cloud empowers them to connect, collaborate, and work effectively. Furthermore, as well as enabling your business to offer the mobile and flexible working today’s employees demand, with the cloud the effect on productivity is huge.

The cloud is empowering

As you can see, cloud technology is about so much more than improving productivity and efficiency. It’s also about driving growth. So, no business can afford to ignore the cloud.

What’s more, the cloud provides access to enterprise-level IT, usually for one affordable monthly fee. So, with the cloud on their side, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from resources once only available to their larger competitors. As such, the cloud is levelling the playing field and helping smaller businesses compete, innovate and grow in ways that were formerly unimaginable.

The future is post-digital

Crucially, in our brave new world, every single business will soon be investing in digital technologies. And as such, all businesses will be digital by default. Being digital will be the price of doing business rather than a differentiation advantage. And, as the digital playing field evens out, organisations will have to do more to set themselves apart.

When it comes to what will set your business apart, the cloud will almost certainly be part of the answer.

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