We live and breathe all things cloud computing here at Cloud Geeni. But while we focus our time on how we can help businesses to save money and improve efficiency through our managed services, there is always time to think about the many ways in which cloud computing actually affects our daily lives.

The many ways in which cloud computing runs through our day to day is overlooked by most – but its impact can be seen and felt in a number of different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which cloud computing is part of your life – without you even realizing it.


In the healthcare industry, the use of cloud computing technologies is quickly increasing. In an industry where speed, security and efficiency are all priorities balanced in equal measure, cloud computing is the technology that can help. When it comes to reducing operational costs and sharing patient data, cloud computing has become the go to for many healthcare sites across the UK – and across the world. And these services extend to patients, too. Being able to access your own medical records via your phone transforms the relationship between healthcare providers and their users – cloud computing is the secure and fast solution that can – and is – doing the job.


In 2020, the education sector has had to make a swift transition over to more remote learning accessibility. But even before this, educational institutions have increasingly been adopting cloud computing technology for the wide range of benefits it can deliver to schools, students and staff alike.

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By enabling students to access vital data and learning from remote locations at any time, th education sector has been able to keep its head above water during the COVID-19 pandemic. And with remote learning trends seemingly set to continue beyond 2020, these cloud services will become an even more integral part of the industry. So far, cloud computing has managed to allow educational institutions to use cloud storage for large amounts of data and learning resources, keeping this information safe and secure without the need for an overly complicated or expensive physical infrastructure.


Whether you’re thinking about the satnav in your car or the maps application on your phone, the fact is that cloud computing has helped to transform the world of navigation. By allowing navigation programmes and apps to store large amounts of data – and to keep these regularly updated – cloud computing has helped to make it a lot easier for people to go from A to Z, wherever they are in the world.

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Online shopping

Let’s face it – most of us do more of our shopping online than offline these days, especially during the pandemic. It might interest you to know that most online shopping platforms utilise cloud storage to keep sensitive and important client data safe and secure, while also providing a faster and more comprehensive customer experience.

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