A recent report (Google and Forrester), has shed light on the impact cloud technology is having on business. And, crucially, how anytime, anywhere, any device work (as facilitated by a cloud-based hosted desktop) is now the norm.

Here is a quick look at some of the findings from the report:

  1. A new class of cloud workers is shaping the future of the workplace. According to the study, one in four information workers (26%) have now become cloud workers. This trend has been fuelled by developments in tech, evolving employee preferences and shifting business expectations. These cloud workers spent a large portion of their day using browser-based business apps across various devices. And, they believe that the ability to access resources from any location is integral to their work/life balance.
  2. Enterprises are evolving their workforce technology approaches to meet these needs. In response to the rise of a new breed of cloud-worker, organisations are investing in the technology necessary to serve their needs. In fact, a whopping 81% of respondents said that they are taking a “cloud-first” approach and/or prioritising cloud-based business apps.
  3. Cloud-based computers have emerged as a viable and valuable option for serving cloud workers. The report states that workers — and in particular cloud workers — value devices and browsers that foster productivity, flexibility, and convenience. So, organisations must invest in reliable, versatile devices as well as secure, fast, highly compatible browsers to meet employee and business needs.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

What is clear is that the days of working exclusively at a single desk, or even in a single office, are now gone. In fact, the report states that “94% of workforce respondents reported that they use their laptop, smartphone, tablet, or wearable device for work while commuting, traveling, or at home.”

And, the findings also show that 69% of employees see this new normal as a good thing; with the ability to access company resources from everywhere providing them with a better work/life balance.

How the hosted desktop helps to support cloud-workers and cloud-based organisations

At Cloud Geeni, this trend towards more flexible working comes as no surprise. In fact, it’s the direction our customers have been taking for years. In response, our cloud-based hosted desktops help to meet this desire for new and more agile ways of working.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what just a few of our happy customers had to say:

“A major benefit of Cloud Geeni is the ability to work from anywhere, whenever we want. In our line of work, sometimes customers contact us and ask for things at the weekend, previously I would have to come into the office but now I can just do this quickly and easily from wherever I am. I have worked with Cloud Geeni for a year now, I’m glad that we made the decision to switch to Hosted Desktops and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cloud Geeni; it’s a great product, it works very well and the support we’ve had throughout the process has been really good.”


“I think the Cloud Server Hosted Desktop solution is marvellous. Storage issues along with the frustrations that come with an aged server were big problems for us previously. I work remotely a lot and would struggle connecting to the office server as well as getting kicked off for no reason. Your cloud solution enables me to work from anywhere with ease and everything is so much more efficient. I no longer sit at my computer waiting for issues to be resolved, I am so much more productive.”


“I am very pleased with our hosted desktop. Security is infinitely improved with back ups taken care of and IT hassles a thing of the past. Everything runs a lot faster and we can now work from anywhere. I would definitely recommend Cloud Geeni to other legal practices.”

Practice manager, MILES & CASH SOLICITORS

You can read the Google and Forrester report in full here.

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