According to the experts[1], it costs five times more to convert a new customer than to keep a current one. And, for businesses everywhere, even seemingly small improvements can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction levels. So, in 2019, how can you inspire loyalty and increase customer retention?

Keep the lines of communication open

Few things turn a customer off more than poor communication. How are they supposed to feel valued if you don’t even show that you remember them? In 2019, it’s vital that you schedule regular contact with customers.

You can do this in a number of ways. Telephone calls, emails, newsletters with valuable content, etc. You can even use automated cloud software to help you to keep in touch. Just remember to make sure that any contact you do make is compliant with the GDPR. And, find out what time of contact each customer would prefer. The last thing you want is to become a nuisance.

Become more responsive

If there is anything worse than not keeping in touch with customers, it is actively ignoring them. At the very most you shouldn’t let messages or emails go ignored for more than 24 hours. If you can’t respond immediately, use tools to provide an automated response letting customers know when you will be in touch with a more detailed reply.

But it’s not just about response rates. How quickly you can get stuff done also matters to customers. For example, if you work in professional services, with a cloud-based hosted desktop, you will be able to take a brief from your customer and send it straight over to the office. You can even search your database while in their offices. This supports more flexible working practices and leads to increased productivity and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The hosted desktop can also help you to streamline operations and automate critical processes, freeing up your employees to focus on those activities that boost revenue generation and improve client service.

Know your customers

Customers respond warmly to personal service. So, make sure you do all you can to get to know the people you serve. If you can’t do this face to face, or if you have so many customers that this would prove impossible, look at how your IT can help. For example, you could consider using a CRM system that is kept up-to-date with relevant data and accessible by everyone they might come into contact with.

But here again, make sure that any system you use is compliant with the latest data protection laws.

Make proactive improvements

Don’t wait for customers to get frustrated before you improve your service. In 2019 you should be looking at how you can do this as standard.

In fact, in the face of digital transformation, if you don’t look at what customer-facing software is available you run the risk of being left behind by your competition. Tech is changing the way everyone does business so show your customers that you care by investing in your organisation in a way that adds value.

Today, cloud technology is profoundly transforming the world we live in. And it is having a huge impact when it comes to the level of service now expected by customers. In response, businesses must do more to meet these evolving expectations so that they don’t lose sought-after customers to their competitors.

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[1] Forest Research