An intelligent workplace culture combined with reliable, relevant technology allows employees to work remotely (or be mobile within the office). Gone are the days of rigid 9am to 5pm working. Modern employees are no longer fixed to computer terminals and, over the next few years, more and more of us will be working remotely.

But, to maximise new and flexible ways of working, you won’t just need the right IT, you’ll also have to keep it operational. And that means optimising your battery life.

So how can you keep your mobiles powered up and your people working? Here are some top tips.

Keep your devices powered up

To maximise your batteries, users must follow best-practice guidelines for proper battery maintenance. This includes things such as:

  • Not leaving your battery completely drained
  • Not keeping it fully charged at all times (this is because batteries can degrade due to higher-than-normal voltages and stress)
  • Avoiding exposure to extremely high temperatures
  • Avoiding exposure to extremely low temperatures
  • Avoiding storing your devices for extended periods (this can lead to a state of deep discharge which renders the battery incapable of holding a charge)
  • If you do need to store your battery for more than a couple of weeks, charging it to around 40% – 50% first and then storing it in a cool, moisture-free environment.
  • If you plan to store your device for more than six months, charging it to 40%-50% every six months
  • Avoiding physical damage as batteries are made from sensitive materials (e.g. dropping them on the floor)
  • If possible, charging your battery at a lower voltage
  • Unplugging your laptop if you have to use it for an extended period (a plugged-in laptop generates more heat).

You should also look at your battery settings on your devices to see what is being used and identify anything that is draining your battery unnecessarily.

What else do you need to work remotely?

  • The right IT. You’ll need an IT infrastructure that works and that makes it easy for people to get hold of all the documents, apps and files they need. Your technology should also make it easy for your business to get hold of your remote workers!
  • The right processes. As well as the right tech (e.g. instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, cloud-hosted desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, headsets, webcams, cloud-based apps etc.), you’ll also need to establish robust processes to keep the lines of communication open and ensure everyone follows the same set of rules and procedures.
  • Clear aims and expectations. Mobile working requires a degree of trust. To make sure yours isn’t exploited, put clear goals in place
  • The cloud. The cloud powers successful mobile working. The cloud has revolutionised the way we do things, with the ability to access everything we need, from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device. So tools such as hosted desktops which allow you to log in from any location are a must.
  • The right attitude. To create a productive, engaged mobile workforce is about more than just investing in the right tech. Real change demands a new approach. One that is led from the top and which establishes and fosters a supportive mobile culture across all parts of a business.

Ultimately, on-the-go working helps to make you more productive, more efficient and more competitive. For more information on how our cloud-based products and services can help your business, contact us today for an informal chat.