Without a crystal ball it’s impossible to know everything that will happen in the future. But with the right insight and expertise, it is still possible to future-proof your IT investment. Here are our top tips to make sure your business is ready for whatever is around the corner.

Understand your industry

To get the best return on your investments, and make sure you are not throwing good money away, you need to be smart about any IT spend you make. Consider the nature of your business, if it is changing and what technology you need to keep up (or even get ahead of the competition). For example, many legal services are moving online with developments in AI now capable of dealing with many high-volume and low-risk tasks.

Understand your customer

In 2019, most businesses should have a wealth of data available to them. And it’s more important than ever that they use this to make strategic decisions. For example, big data can help you to understand customer trends, and this information is crucial when deciding where you should invest your IT budget. In fact, if you want to keep ahead of the curve over the next few years, it is vital that your business becomes data-enabled.

Invest in mobility

UK office staff now put mobile working at the top of their wish-list, with mobile tech allowing remote employees to stay in constant communication with unified access to business information. To capitalise on this trend, look to invest in the necessary devices, cloud software, and hosted desktops to facilitating modern working practices.

Invest in the cloud

The cloud offers enormous benefits when it comes to future-proofing. For example, with the cloud, you get access to enterprise-level tech without the upfront cost. And with no expensive hardware, cloud-based services will also help to reduce your IT investment and maintenance costs. What’s more, with the right cloud partner any investment you make should work alongside your existing IT infrastructure.

Update regularly

Updating your software and hardware on a regular basis is vital if you want to maximise performance while protecting against bugs and glitches. The right cloud partner should help you with this.

Invest in scalability and flexibility

You don’t have to upgrade your IT all at once. Instead, create a scalable IT strategy that meets your current business needs, while preparing you for any future growth.

At the same time, any technology that you put in place should also be flexible. For example, cloud-based software, hosted-desktops and/or smartphones that receive regular updates to ensure they remain relevant.

Invest in connectivity

Excellent connectivity improves collaboration, streamlines processes and secures data. On the other hand, poor connectivity will delay your operations and hamper communication. So, in our digital age, any business that isn’t able to connect and collaborate will soon become less competitive and get left behind.

Organisations of all sizes need to stay digitally secure. And, while you can employ experts to do this for you, today the cloud provides a much more affordable option. Cloud providers have to create secure environments. They wouldn’t last long in business if they didn’t. So, when you appoint an expert like Cloud Geeni, you can be confident that we have all the expertise needed to keep you and your data as safe as possible.

In 2019, with Brexit looming, businesses across the UK may be considering freezing any spend. But as the pace of technological development won’t stop, this is likely to be a false economy. Instead, by maximising your investments for long-term success, you can make intelligent choices that keep you competitive.

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