Common I.T. Problems That Solicitors & Legal Firms Face


You have a complex and complicated I.T. system

In an industry where time is money, we see far too many firms in the legal sector being hampered by the complexity of their I.T. infrastructure. Firms who:

  • Manage several physical servers, which not only require manpower to maintain, but significant capital expenditure to replace, upgrade and support with disaster recovery and back-up systems.
  • Juggle multiple applications that are hosted in different environments and pay for multiple associated licenses, some of which charge more for the security or functionality that you need.
  • Deal with numerous third parties for purchasing licenses and hardware, as well as the support for these products.

It even sounds complicated on paper, doesn’t it?

An I.T. environment like this can be a nightmare to manage. Worse yet, it can cost you money, create silos between different departments, and lead to mistakes, oversights and inefficiencies that can have a direct impact on your firm’s performance and reputation.

By upgrading to Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS, you can untangle this mess by streamlining your I.T. infrastructure and simplifying your billing, freeing your overburdened I.T. team to focus on the projects that add value to the firm, and having a single point of contact — all while enjoying improved functionality, flexibility, security and productivity.

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Your I.T. staff are too busy putting out fires

If your business has its own physical on-site I.T. infrastructure, chances are your I.T. staff’s time is taken up by constantly fixing issues with it. They’re essentially digital fire fighters who are always on call, forever at the mercy of a technological malfunction. If they get a call at 3am to say the network has gone down, it’s their responsibility to get it back up and running before the business day commences, otherwise your firm loses precious time (and money), and they risk facing the wrath of your employees.

If your I.T. staff are constantly fighting fires, this means they are not properly utilising their time and talents. As much as some people in the office may think they’re exaggerating or complaining, they simply don’t have enough time to focus on bigger projects or big-picture stuff. We see this scenario in a lot of prospective clients in the legal sector.


Cost, cost, cost

Your current I.T. infrastructure is probably placing a heavy financial burden on your firm — one that doesn’t have to be as heavy as it is.

If you have your own on-premise I.T. infrastructure, you have the cost of purchasing, installing, configuring and maintaining your own servers and hardware. Then there’s the cost of upgrading your hardware (which you’re advised to do every three to five years) or expanding things like your storage space, computing power or user accounts, which take time to implement.

If you have some applications in the cloud, the cost of juggling multiple services from different cloud companies can be uneconomical. On top of that, there’s the cost of having excessive manpower required to manage these different products/services.

Beyond these initial costs, having an outdated legacy system or complicated I.T. infrastructure also hikes up ongoing costs. Mistakes create more work for you down the road. Miscommunication can lead to a duplication of work. Wasted minutes waiting for an application to load or a server to be fixed is money down the train.

In the legal sector, where the billable hour is the primary source of revenue, time is literally money. Your firm can’t afford to be slowed down by a sloppy I.T. infrastructure.


How Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS Can Benefit Solicitors & Legal Firms

Whether you’re dealing with a complicated and hard-to-manage I.T. environment, an overworked and underutilised I.T. team, or a financially-overbearing infrastructure, no legal firm should have to put up with these kinds of I.T. problems, especially when time is money.

With Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS, legal firms can eliminate such headaches while maximising their billable hours. Our Managed IaaS solution involves moving your I.T. infrastructure from its current on-site server into our private cloud, where it’s delivered back to you and managed 24/7 by our team of experts.

This eliminates the costs associated with maintaining your own physical servers and frees up your I.T. team to add real value to your firm. With robust security measures and a comprehensive recovery system in place, you never have to worry about experiencing downtime or losing sensitive data, which is a major concern for any legal firm. What’s more, Managed IaaS allows your teams to work remotely, whether they’re in the office, at court, or in the comfort of their own home.

From improved efficiency, accessibility and productivity, to reduced costs and a simplified monthly bill, Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS can help legal firms level up in many ways.


Maximise your billable hour

Our Managed IaaS is an incredibly efficient computing solution that can improve your team’s productivity and boost your firm’s profitability. Your data is hosted in the cloud, your employees can access their data and application on any device, at any time, from any place, giving them far greater flexibility and mobility, which will help to supercharge their output.

Our IaaS platform also provides a remedy to the inefficiencies that are currently slowing you down due to your outdated legacy system or convoluted hybrid cloud infrastructure. We “lift” your entire infrastructure in the cloud as one entity — as opposed to a series of disconnected applications — helping to remove silos between different departments within your firm and improve collaboration and communication. Plus, you can avoid the headaches of dealing with multiple companies; your IaaS platform is provided and managed by one company: Cloud Geeni.

What’s more, upgrading to IaaS is painless. The migration process is fully managed by ourselves and is a quick and easy process. Once you’re up and running, IaaS offers seamless scalability, allowing you to quickly and easily expand or upgrade your service as and when required.

IaaS is ideal for firms like yours that need to maximise every minute of the working day.



Managed IaaS eliminates the need to install, maintain and replace your own on-site physical I.T. infrastructure, which can not only be a drain on your resources, but a complete frustration. Instead, your data and applications are hosted in our private cloud and stored on dedicated servers located at our secure, state-of-the-art, ISO-accredited data centres across the UK.

Managed IaaS operates on a per-user subscription model, so you only pay for the resource and licensing you require per month. As a result, your IaaS platform provides far greater value for money while removing the need for large capital expenditure.

Furthermore, our guaranteed SLA’s reduce the costs associated with business downtime. This is especially important for legal firms, who rely on the billable hour.



With many clients in the legal sector, we know just how critical the security of your sensitive data is. With Cloud Geeni, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

For starters, we store your data on secure servers at UK-based data centres that are tier 3 ISO-accredited, which means they meet one of the highest certification standards. Our data centres are equipped with fire detection and suppression systems, temperature control and iris recognition entry technology.

We safeguard your cloud-hosted data from hackers or cyber criminals with robust security measures, including firewall protection, cloud encryption, anti-virus and anti-malware software, two-factor authentication and the ability to instantaneously strip data and access to any lost or stolen devices.

Zero downtime or data loss

Our Managed IaaS platform eliminates downtime and staves off disaster, ensuring business continuity at all times.

We have a comprehensive disaster recovery system in place that involves your data being replicated in real-time at a secondary data centre. So in the unlikely event that your primary data centre succumbs to a flood, fire or power outage, we will seamlessly migrate your infrastructure across its sibling server. This ensures that your business has continuity 24/7 without disruption of service or loss of data.

Furthermore, your server performance is monitored 24/7 and our Microsoft-certified engineers are notified immediately of any potential issues, regardless of the time of day.


Helps your I.T. staff

Although your I.T. staff may be cautious about migrating to Managed IaaS at first, rest assured the platform will make their job easier and more rewarding. This is because we take over the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining your cloud-hosted infrastructure and ensure it’s performing at optimal levels at all times. Your I.T. staff are no longer burdened with the pressure of quickly fixing a server at any hour of the day or night.

This frees them up to dedicate more time to exploring new technologies and ways in which they can actually improve and innovate systems and operations, allowing them to maximise their skills and expertise while adding real value to your firm. Managed IaaS transforms your I.T. staff from mere firefighters into dynamic and indispensable I.T. professionals.

IaaS can also improve relations between your I.T. department and other teams. No longer do your I.T. staff have to bear the brunt of your employees’ frustrations over their computer malfunctioning or a server going down. Instead, they can improve the end user experience, make the rest of your employees’ jobs easier through technological improvements, and endear themselves to your staff!


Why Solicitors & Legal Firms Should Choose Cloud Geeni

We’re experts in the legal industry

We’re legal sector specialists. Having managed and supported many legal firms’ cloud infrastructure for the last 15 years, we know your industry inside out.

We’re familiar with the common problems that legal firms face and can anticipate — and advise you on — problems before they happen. We’re familiar with the type of legacy systems and hybrid cloud infrastructures that many legal firms have. We know the laws, regulations and compliance issues. We know your security concerns and how to solve them. We know how to build a hosted infrastructure that suits and benefits legal firms. And we can offer solutions you might not have even considered.

Because we’ve been providing Managed IaaS platforms to many legal firms over a number of years, we’ve refined and perfected our service, resulting in a better experience for our clients while still tailoring our service to meet your needs and creating a bespoke package.


Wealth of experience

Cloud Geeni has over 35 years of experience delivering computing solutions. We’ve been a tried and trusted name within the industry since 1984, giving us a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to designing and implementing cloud computing solutions that solve problems, improve operations and help to maximise legal firms’ billable hours.

The core of our engineers and support team have been with us for over a decade, so there is a combined experience of over 40 years in our team alone. Cloud Geeni were one of the first adopters of cloud computing in the UK, and have remained at the forefront of the technology ever since thanks to our passion for innovation.



Just because our company is almost 40 years old, it doesn’t mean we’re dinosaurs. In fact, one of the reasons we’ve been able to stick around for so long is because we’ve continually innovated, adapted and evolved. Each month, we dedicate staff hours to developing our products and services, which allows us to provide a better service to our clients while staying ahead of the curve — and staying ahead of the competition.

Why is longevity important when choosing a cloud service provider? For the simple fact that you’re placing your entire I.T. infrastructure — including all your precious data and important applications — into the hands of another company. So you need to be able to trust that they’re not going to go under anytime soon!


Friendly, down-to-earth people

Cloud Geeni isn’t like other I.T. or tech companies. Aside from being experts at what we do, we’re also lovely people to work with. We strive to provide a service that’s top drawer yet down-to-earth. From our engineers and consultants through to our support team, we’re friendly, supportive, dedicated, passionate and attentive. We’re always accessible to our clients, and our specialist teams are always willing to go the extra mile. With Cloud Geeni, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.



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