Common I.T. Problems That Solicitors & Legal Firms Face


You have a complex and complicated I.T. system

In the legal sector, productivity is key. Here at Cloud Geeni, we know that a lot of legal sector firms are being hampered by the complexity of their I.T. infrastructure. Firms who:

  • Manage several physical servers, which not only require manpower to maintain, but significant capital expenditure to replace, upgrade and invest in a disaster back-up solution.
  • Engage with a variety of different applications with different environments and providers – which isn’t a cost effective way to secure the security and the features you need.
  • Deal with numerous other parties when it comes to securing the licenses and hardware you need – not to mention finding the right support for these licenses.


Trying to manage an I.T. environment that struggles with these drawbacks is inefficient and costly. This kind of situation will slow your business down, choke collaboration and communication, increase the number of mistakes your teams make, and have a overall effect on your law firm’s reputation.

Fortunately, when you choose Cloud Geeni and our managed IaaS and cloud computing services, we can help you to fix all this. By choosing Cloud Geeni to manage to IT infrastructure, we can help to simplify your billing with one point of contact and one monthly bill for your services and features, while freeing up your IT team to work on other things. We can offer your law firm greater security, better productivity, flexibility and more.

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    Your IT team are spending too much time keeping you up and running

    For most law firms still burdened with a physical IT infrastructure, chances are your IT staff are spending too much time essentially working ‘on call’. We like to call these ‘digital fire fighters’, constantly working to fix the every day problems that occur in IT. If they get a call at 3am to say the network needs work, then they are going to have to spend time and resources getting your firm back on its feet – otherwise, the entire organisation loses time and money.

    If this sounds at all like your IT team, then you probably already know that they’re not getting the most out of their time, resources, and talent. Unfortunately, this can cause a rift between the IT team and the rest of the office. But it’s not your IT team’s fault – they would rather be working on bigger projects or big-picture stuff too. Here at Cloud Geeni, we see this a lot in the legal sector.


    Your IT infrastructure is costing you more money than it should

    If you are a law firm that still hosts on-site IT infrastructure, then you know that there are a lot of costs involved. Not only do you need to purchase and install your hardware and your servers, but you also need to spend on configuring and maintaining these servers too. Not to mention the office space that on-site infrastructure can take up.

    As the legal sector begins to embrace the cloud, you might find your firm using applications in the cloud. But the cost of securing different cloud services from different providers is confusing and certainly isn’t cost-effective. In contrast, Cloud Geeni will be your one point of contact for a comprehensive, bespoke and managed service.

    This kind of I.T. infrastructure also hikes up ongoing costs. Mistakes create more work for you down the road. Miscommunication can lead to a duplication of work.

    In the legal sector, things often come down to productivity – law firms are in a constant battle to streamline their services and processes in order to maximise efficiency. Your IT infrastructure could be slowing you down.


    How Can Cloud Geeni Cloud Computing & Managed IaaS Benefit Solicitors & Law Firms?

    No law firm should need to burden itself with the kind of minor and avoidable IT problems that cost you time and money. Whether it be an under-efficient IT team, a costly IT infrastructure, or an overly complicated IT environment, Cloud Geeni can help you to solve these problems.

    When law firms choose Cloud Geeni’s managed cloud computing and managed IaaS services, they find that we can take care of your everyday IT problems while making your organisation more flexible and productive. Our service can mean moving either some or all of your IT infrastructure from your physical server onto our private cloud. There, our team of Cloud Geeni experts monitor and manage your infrastructure 24/7, delivering it back to you.

    What does this all mean exactly? Well, our solution removes or reduces the costs of maintaining your very own physical on-site infrastructure. It also allows your IT team to focus their time away from the everyday things – we are here to support and complement your IT team rather than replace them.

    For law firms, losing data and downtime is obviously a key concern. Fortunately, we have a range of incredibly reliable security measures and a solid recovery system – meaning that you can rest assured that you are in safe and trusted hands with Cloud Geeni.

    Our managed cloud computing services offer the chance to make your law firm more productive and efficient, unlocking your workforce’s potential through safe and secure mobile and remote working. What’s best is that this is all available under one monthly bill with Cloud Geeni – we are your trusted one point of contact.


    Improve your firm's efficiency

    Here at Cloud Geeni, we have been working with businesses in the UK’s legal sector for years. We know just how important maximising your billable hour is. Our managed cloud computing gives you the opportunity to improve your firm’s profitability by increasing the productivity of your team. By hosting at least some of your IT infrastructure in Cloud Geeni’s private cloud, your team will be able to access their work securely from any approved device.

    Does moving your IT infrastructure sound like it will take up time and present a headache in itself? Upgrading to managed cloud computing and IaaS with Cloud Geeni is easy – we’ll manage the entire process for you. Then, your firm can benefit from quick and easy scalability, expanding or retracting your services as you need.

    Managed cloud computing is perfect for law firms like yours that need to improve efficiency throughout your organisation.


    Improve your cost-effectiveness

    If you want it to, managed cloud computing delivered by Cloud Geeni can entirely remove your need to secure, maintain and replace your physical IT infrastructure. Instead, our private and entirely secure cloud and host and store your data and applications located at our secure, state-of-the-art, ISO-accredited data centres across the UK.

    In the legal sector, you never want to pay for more than what you need – but you also don’t want to underpay and miss the service and features that could make a difference to your firm. Our managed service works on a per-user model, meaning that you never need to pay for anything other than the precise resources you need each month.


    Your law firm needs to stay secure

    Fortunately, here at Cloud Geeni we have years of experience working with clients within the UK’s legal sector. That’s why we know just how critical the security of your sensitive data is. You want to work with a provider you can trust – Cloud Geeni is here to be just that.

    Want your data to be stored on entirely secure servers here in the UK? We use UK-based data centres that meet the very highest standards of security and are tier 3 ISO-accredited. Cloud Geeni’s data centres have modern fire detection and suppression systems, iris recognition entry technology, and temperature control.

    Cybersecurity is a key concern for law firms here in the UK. With Cloud Geeni, you can rest assured that we protect your cloud data from hackers and other cybersecurity threats. Our comprehensive and cutting edge security includes cloud encryption, firewall protection, anti-virus software, two-factor authentication and the ability to strip data from lost or stolen devices.

    Zero data loss and downtime

    As a law firm, you don’t want to experience unexpected downtime that slows you down and leaves your clients dissatisfied or unhappy. Here at Cloud Geeni, our brilliant disaster recovery system protects you from this every minute of the day. Your data is replicated at a second data centre in real time, meaning that if an accident does occur Cloud Geeni will be able to migrate your infrastructure across to the second server – ensuring that you maintain 24/7 continuity.

    Not to mention the fact that we monitor your server’s performance every minute of the day. Our team of Microsoft-certified engineers will know about any potential problem before you do.


    Support your IT team

    One situation we often encounter is that IT teams can be hesitant to migrate over to Cloud Geeni’s managed cloud computing and managed IaaS. But our job is not to replace your IT team, but to work alongside them and support them. We take on the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure for you and ensure it is properly maintained – giving your IT team one less thing to worry about.

    This means that your IT team has more time to focus on improving their own processes, looking at innovating their systems and making the most of their talents. This, in turn, can improve the relationship between your IT department and the rest of the office.



    For decades now, the world of business across sectors and across the world has been moving towards a future that embraces the opportunities that remote working and hybrid working solutions offer. As technology advances and begins to facilitate more flexible and mobile working solutions, worker behaviour and culture will begin to change as people learn to make the most of their time and resources. 

    In 2020 and beyond, this trend is only going to continue to accelerate. Experts are beginning to predict that, within the next few years, remote working numbers will jump dramatically as the technology is made more accessible and working from home begins to feel like the new normal. And this change isn’t confined to one or even a few industries, and it certainly isn’t confined internationally. Remote working has long been seen as an inevitable future that we have been slowly approaching. Now, however, everything is accelerating – something that has taken many businesses by surprise. 

    This global transition towards embracing remote and hybrid working will affect all industries. Some will be slower to embrace the change than others of course, but business leaders in the legal sector are now having to seriously consider solutions to employ hybrid or remote working across law firms. The very real fear now is that law firms will be caught off guard and will be slow to implement the solutions that will keep them abreast of the competition.

    Add to this the fact that the workforce is beginning to increasingly covet positions that offer remote working as an option, and it’s clear to see that before long, implementing remote and hybrid working will no longer be considered optional. More and more workers are beginning to say that they would quit a more preferable job for one that offered remote working. This is where the change in worker attitude and behaviour taking place is evident, as the UK and global workforce begins to demand more from their employers. 

    For the legal sector, this creates a particular challenge. A lot of law firms in the UK pride themselves on taking a traditional approach with clients, maintaining ample paperwork and making time for face to face meetings and appointments. As such, hybrid solutions will always be more appealing than full remote working. Nonetheless, with data security and employee efficiency at hand, hybrid working still requires an investment into remote working solutions. The workforce is becoming more mobile and flexible each year, and law firms will need to keep up. 

    Law firms need to protect themselves against the increase in cyber attacks

    As we have touched upon above, the legal sector faces a wide range of unique challenges when it comes to embracing the remote working transition over the next few years. But perhaps the most important challenge that must be overcome is that of cyber security. With the increase in hybrid and remote working solutions, experts predict that cyberattacks will also rise, targeting a mobile and flexible workforce. Endpoints such as desktops, laptops and smartphones will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. And nobody in the legal sector needs to be told just how important cybersecurity is to law firms across the UK. 

    As remote working increases, so too will cyberattacks that exploit these remote users. A rushed and incomplete transition over to remote and hybrid working means people working from home on unprotected devices – making it easier than ever for individual members of a network to be targeted by online scams such as phishing and ransomware. 

    This is obviously a huge concern for any law firm hoping to embrace remote working. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) ensures that firms across the UK legal sector maintain a high standard of data protection and keep their clients’ information safe. With clients disclosing personal information that potentially includes financial information, health information, personal information and more, law firms have to maintain this commitment and dedication to data protection and security. 

    To say that the legal sector is not the most technology embracing industry is a statement that most would agree with. But with more and more law firms beginning to transition over to remote and hybrid systems, it’s crucial to analyse what is being done to protect these remote workers (and by extension, the firm) from cybersecurity attacks and threats.

    What is evident is that a lot more law firms are beginning to take on remote working – but aren’t putting into place the necessary protection and security. In fact, the majority of legal workers working from home are still using their own personal devices in order to store and access important and sensitive data and files. When you factor in that some of these devices won’t even be password protected, it paints a picture of just how much law firms still need to do to embrace remote working in a way that keeps the organisation protected and efficient. 

    The main threat is that of cyber incidents caused directly by employees working from unsecured devices. From accidental data breaches and social engineering scams to phishing emails and ransomware, law firms have a clear need to begin implementing long term solutions that facilitate efficient and protected remote working. For the legal sector, this kind of set up is not a luxury, but a necessity – given the responsibility over sensitive client data and information.

    How does managed cloud computing help law firms to implement protected and efficient remote and hybrid working solutions?

    Where does Cloud Geeni and our managed cloud computing services fit into this? Well, with us as your provider, you can benefit from a fully managed service with one point of contact for a wide range of different features and services. Our cloud computing services can be a completely bespoke and unique solution that fits the needs of your business perfectly. Our job is to make sure that you pay for exactly the services that you need, no more and no less. All while boosting your business’s flexibility, profitability, efficiency and mobility. 


    The Reasons That Solicitors & Legal Firms Choose Cloud Geeni

    We have a lot of experience in the legal industry

    We’re legal sector specialists. Given the fact that we have worked alongside legal firms and delivered their cloud infrastructure for over 15 years, we know the needs of the UK legal sector inside and out.

    We know the problems that law firms frequently encounter, making us perfectly positioned to anticipate your issues and reactively find solutions – before they even occur. When it comes to the traditional legacy systems and hybrid infrastructures a lot of law firms have, we know how to deliver what you need. We understand your compliance, competency and regulatory needs and can set you up with secure cloud computing that keeps you compliant.

    We understand that you need a comprehensive but bespoke service. Here at Cloud Geeni, we have worked with enough law firms to understand this need, and we have refined our service to be perfectly tailored to the needs of the legal sector.


    We've been ahead of the competition for decades

    You want a provider that you know you can trust. Here at Cloud Geeni, we have over 35 years of experience delivering computing solutions throughout the UK. Ever since we began in 1984 we have been a trusted name in the industry. When it comes to delivering modern and cutting edge cloud computing solutions, no one is better positioned than Cloud Geeni to match you with what you need.

    We have watched the industry change - and have kept ahead of the curve

    We’ve been around for a long time. In tech, the nearly four decades that Cloud Geeni has existed, the landscape has changed a lot. But this doesn’t make us out of touch or lagging behind the times. The truth is that one of the secrets to our success is that we are dedicated every year to keep innovating what we do, and to keep adapting our service for our clients.

    Why is this an important part of choosing the kind of cloud computing provider you can trust? Well, you know that we have continued to improve what we do and we always stay ahead of the competition. When you replace your IT infrastructure with Cloud Geeni’s cloud servers, all your data and applications go into the hands of your provider. You need to know you can trust them. Fortunately, with Cloud Geeni, you always can.


    Friendly, down-to-earth people

    IT and tech businesses have a reputation for being a little cold and impersonal. Cloud Geeni is different. Not only are we experts, both in what we do and in the sectors that our clients work in, but we are also lovely people to work with. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to providing the kind of service that you trust to make a beneficial difference to your firm. We always go the extra mile, and we’re always on hand to speak to you about any problems or concerns.



    Switch to our cloud managed services and remove the hassle from your IT. All for one affordable monthly payment.