Software vendors need to maximise sales to stay competitive. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult where software needs to be installed on-premise.

Let’s face it, the outright purchase cost of on-premise software comes with a hefty upfront price tag. What’s more, when you consider the burden of maintaining and updating on-premise software, it’s no wonder that end-users are now demanding a smarter and more cost-effective approach. So vendors have to keep up.

At Cloud Geeni, we work in partnership with software companies to help them deploy their software via the cloud. Furthermore, by delivering a range of benefits to our vendor clients and their end users, we help everyone become more competitive.


Increase Ongoing Revenue

Delivering your on-premise solution on our secure hosted server gives you the flexibility to move into the SaaS arena. This gives your prospects choice and allows you to increase your ongoing revenue with commitment and long-term certainty.



When evaluating a purchase decision, more and more companies are looking at the total cost of ownership. With SaaS, the purchase price, support, monitoring and management are all included. So, the cloud reduces investment costs, running costs and complexity. That’s why, by offering a SaaS payment structure, your solution remains competitive, and why on-premise vendors are losing out on new business opportunities.



On-premise software implementation can take months. But, in a fast-moving marketplace, circumstances and priorities change quickly. So, it’s not uncommon for an on-premise solution to be out of date with the needs of the business before it is fully operational. However, SaaS can be implemented and updated quickly. This means cloud software vendors can help end users respond to changing needs, rather than becoming another problem.


On-premise solutions come with increased hardware issues and a higher risk of downtime. With crashes having a significant impact on the long-term success of a business, customers are increasingly looking for a more robust approach. Our cloud hosting comes with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. This helps vendors provide peace of mind to potential end-users and ensures that the perception of their software remains positive.



With on-premise software, the technology starts to age from the moment of purchase. But, with SaaS, maintenance and upgrades are much more straightforward. As such, cloud software vendors can deliver continual innovation to their end users.



Easy to set up and roll-­out, we take care of the hosting for you, while giving you the option to sell your software as a service. Ultimately, by letting you offer your customers a choice, you can increase sales, boost your bottom line, and expand your business offering.



Switch to our cloud managed services and remove the hassle from your IT. All for one affordable monthly payment.