With insurance workers increasingly mobile, a better solution is needed to provide access to all the data, files and applications the industry needs. With smart businesses already using technology to improve customer engagement by digitising sales and service channels, the hosted desktop is playing a vital role in the big data technology revolution.

Make smarter decisions

With access to enterprise-level informational tools that may otherwise be out of reach, you get all the benefits (and more!) of a traditional IT infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost. By bringing together processes and data, you can access enhanced management information – in real time – leading to more informed decision making.

Stay compliant

With strict consumer protection regulations, a robust and safe environment is a must-have for your critical applications. Supporting insurance professionals as they migrate to the cloud, we help you to comply with FCA regulations; so you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Better manage all your data

The introduction of comparison websites, the growth of internet searches and the rise of social media means that insurance companies need to efficiently manage data and enquiries from a wide range of digital sources. With the hosted desktop all your users get access to a standard set of applications and functionality, across multiple locations and devices.

Integrate your industry-specific applications

If you have any insurance-specific applications, or your own custom applications, we make sure these are fully integrated with your hosted desktop solution.