Today’s property market is getting more and more competitive. To stay ahead in the game, you need flexible IT solutions that can fit around you. Providing access to enterprise-level informational tools that may otherwise be out of reach, the hosted desktop brings together all your processes and data. As such, in a bid to get ahead, many estate agents are turning to hosted desktops to strengthen their lead in the marketplace.


Keep costs down

Traditional property agent services need rationalising, and costs need reducing. With the latest cloud technology and Desktop as a Service (DaaS), you will benefit from the very latest technology, for one affordable monthly subscription. Without any additional investment or expensive running costs.


Maximise resources

As a property agent, you are always on the move, and you need instant access to a wide range of information such as price sheets and schedules. With the hosted desktop you get access to all your data 24/7, from any internet-enabled device. So whether you’re attending a property viewing, meeting a prospective vendor or checking your diary in the office, you get everything you need as and when you need it.

Keep your data safe as houses

You deal with lots of confidential information, from financial details to legal information, and this needs to stay safe. At Cloud Geeni we make security a key priority. This means that everything is stored in high-security data centres, with robust encryption and all the latest security updates continually protecting your system.


Stay ahead of the curve

Technology is changing the property market, with online agents taking a bigger percentage of the lettings and sales industry month on month. In the face of digital transformation, savvy agents are already moving to the cloud in a bid to capitalise on unique and innovative features, designed to benefit your business.



Switch to our cloud managed services and remove the hassle from your IT. All for one affordable monthly payment.