Modern accountants and financial advisors are so much more than bean-counters. They provide insights, advise clients on how to improve their finances, and anticipate future trends. Providing access to enterprise-level informational tools that may otherwise be out of reach, the hosted desktop brings together processes and data like never before. This enhanced management information leads to more informed decision making – to the benefit of your clients, and your business.


Get ready for digital tax accounting

Due to legislative changes, business users will need to get online and keep accurate records. Combining digital tax SaaS solutions with a hosted desktop is an excellent way to maximise your IT resources. With the hosted desktop it’s easy to share information securely with your clients; something that will become increasingly important as you collaborate with them to make sure their financial records are accurate and up to date.


Lead by example

In the face of digital transformation, tech is changing the way everyone does business. This means your clients are going to want accountants and financial advisors that understand how technology works. So, it makes sense for you to make the switch to the cloud now, and take the time to figure out how it adds value. Only then will you be able to advise on how best this technology can meet your clients’ unique needs.

Become more productive

With the hosted desktop, any information gained in meetings or at your client’s premises can be sent straight over to your office. You can even search your database while in client offices. In fact, you’ll have access to everything you need, wherever you need it, on any internet-enabled device. This supports more flexible working practices and increases productivity.


Improve your bottom line

With no expensive hardware to buy, new users can be added and removed in hours with a pay per user pricing structure. What’s more, the maintenance of your IT system is done remotely by your provider. Likewise, it’s easy to upgrade or add new software or applications to meet the changing needs of your firm. So your IT grows at the same pace as your business.


Put us to the test

Switch to our cloud managed services and remove the hassle from your IT. All for one affordable monthly payment.