Earlier this month, we looked at how 5G is the next evolution in wireless communication in response to the announcement that the UK finally has a 5G network.

But how can the combination of 5G and the cloud really benefit your business? Here are some predictions:

The cloud will become available to everyone

High-speed internet is still not available to every business. So, for some, organisations – particularly in rural areas, using cloud computing services are not a feasible option (unless they pay over the odds).

But 5G promises high-speed internet for all, no matter where a business is located. So, 5G could be the missing link for companies that want to capitalise on the power of cloud computing and start to automate things that should have been automated years ago.

You will be able to do more in less time

5G will significantly improve the speed of communication between devices. So there will be much less lag when using our phones and other devices. As such, a key benefit of 5G is that it is set to help businesses work more quickly and more efficiently. And, over time, this will result in increased revenue.

You will be able to exploit innovative technology

According to reports, 5G could offer speeds fast enough to download an ultra-high definition 4K movie in less time than it takes to read its description. For organisations that want to capitalise on the IoT (internet of things), data, and connected multiple devices this is hugely exciting. In fact, the number of IoT devices is also expected to increase with the release of 5G speeds.

With 5G, innovative tech such as augmented reality and virtual reality will also be able to operate with greater efficiency. So, it has the potential to make this technology work better for many organisations and expand what they can do. It’s no wonder, therefore, that the AR and VR market is expected to reach £221 billion by 2025[1].

It will better support remote working

Despite huge progress in this area, there are still barriers when it comes to remote working. For example, many people find conference calls stilted and awkward. However, with AR and VR remote meetings could make it feel as if you’re in the same room.

It will reduce costs

With the cloud (e.g. cloud-hosted desktops), we are already experiencing a shift from hardware to software-based IT infrastructures. And this is resulting in lower costs. 5G will further facilitate this transition.

Also, by using 5G enabled tech such as smart sensors, things like lighting and temperature monitoring will be more widely accessible, and this will generate further savings.

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[1] ABI Research