Anytime, anywhere, any device work (as facilitated by a cloud-based hosted desktop) is now the norm. And the move towards cloud technology is only going to increase.

In fact, according to a 2018 cloud computing survey:

  • 73% of companies have already begun using cloud technology
  • 17 % more will join within 12 months.

So, only 10% of companies not using the cloud. What’s more, one in four information workers (26%) have now become cloud workers.

Primarily, the prominence of the cloud has come about because, rather than “just a trend”, cloud technology is now shaping the world we live and work in. So, how can business leaders go about creating a cloud-first environment?

Invest in the right technology

The days of working exclusively at a single desk, or even in a single office, are now gone. Today’s workforce use their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and/or wearable devices for work. And they do this while commuting, travelling, or at home. So, employees spend a large portion of their day using apps, across various devices.

To meet this new way of doing things, prioritising cloud-based technology and business apps is crucial for any company that wants to create a cloud-first working environment. Likewise, organisations must invest in reliable, versatile devices as well as secure, fast, highly compatible browsers to meet employee and business needs.

Realise that employee expectations are changing

As well as developments in technology, evolving employee preferences and expectations are shaping the future of the workplace. For example, today, many people believe that the ability to access resources from any location is integral to their work/life balance. Understanding the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce is key to creating a cloud-first environment.

At Cloud Geeni, this trend towards more flexible working comes as no surprise. In fact, it’s the direction our customers have been taking for years. In response, our cloud-based hosted desktops help to meet this desire for new and more agile ways of working.

Know what you want to achieve

Becoming cloud-first requires a deep understanding of the needs of your business, its employees, and your customers. So, before you do anything, creating a cloud strategy is highly recommended. This should include things like identifying the specific issues that are driving change and identifying any potential risks.

If you are not sure how to do this, your cloud partner should be able to help.

Track your success

As with any major IT change, it’s important to monitor performance closely. So, before you begin, establish some key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore, once up and running, you should continue to measure performance and benchmark improvements in order to understand its true return on investment.

Choose the right cloud partner

Selecting the right cloud vendor is essential to a successful cloud-first journey.

At Cloud Geeni, you can improve your IT infrastructure and reduce the burden of ongoing IT investment; all for one low monthly price. So, it’s no wonder that our hosted desktop services are the first choice for many organisations across the UK.

What’s more, while our tried and tested hosted desktop services are some of the best in the market, we never rest on our laurels. Instead, we spend around 800 hours each month further developing our products and services to keep up with advances in technology and the needs of our customers.

For more information on how we can help get your business ready for the cloud-first era, contact us today for an informal chat.