It’s no secret that the cloud was a major part of most business restructuring in 2020, but there are many businesses out there who are still contemplating how useful the cloud can be in their industry. One such industry is manufacturing, where many traditional processes are still followed and many still subscribe to the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” adage. Whilst this may have carried manufacturers this far, it is likely to be the thing that holds many more back in the coming years as the cloud helps to bring businesses from every industry into a new industrial revolution. If you’re in the manufacturing sector and are looking to integrate cloud computing into your processes, check out this breakdown of the benefits from the experts at Cloud Geeni!

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Increased agility in manufacturing

The technological advancements in the manufacturing industry over the past 10-20 years have been indescribable – we’re now able to produce more items in a more efficient way than we would have ever dared to imagine just a short while ago. However, with this increased productivity and demand, the manufacturing industry is left at risk of falling behind due to outdated IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is the solution for this shortfall – by replacing your physical IT infrastructure with a cloud based solution, you’ll free up space and remove restrictions. These systems are faster to roll out, easier to upgrade, and will allow you to scale along with your business, meaning you’ll always have management platforms that are capable of handling any increase or decrease in demand. 


More powerful resources

With the help of cloud computing, manufacturers find that they need not be restricted by their in-house tech, instead they are able to utilise the power of the cloud to boost and enhance operations without the need to alter the physical infrastructure at all. Cloud computing is capable of improving everything from software to processing power, with minimal effort or difficulty involved when rolling these out en masse in multiple locations; you’ll be able to create uniformed protocols that maintain a high standard of quality in every department in every location. 


The cloud will also make it easier for manufacturers to manage the actions of external entities such as suppliers in their network, as they’ll be able to set perimeters and levels of access to ensure that an adequate level of security and protection is upheld at all times. This in turn lowers the threat of hacks and breaches, keeping all data safer than it would be in a physical infrastructure. 


Lowering costs across the board

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of cloud computing for almost any business is the way that it can help you to reduce costs in almost every department by streamlining processes, enhancing security, and reducing errors and losses a considerable amount. With cloud services, you’ll be able to monitor stock and materials in real-time rather than manually, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead when it comes to capacity and inventory. It’s estimated that cloud-based manufacturing could reduce the cost of IT infrastructure by up to 54% for some businesses, so it’s clear to see that making the transition to cloud solutions is one that you should be making sooner rather than later. 


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Although the cloud was a major part of most business restructuring last year, the manufacturing industry is one that is still contemplating how useful the cloud can be and how it can merge with their reliable traditional processes. Have a read of the benefits of using the cloud in the manufacturing industry from the experts at Cloud Geeni!