When talking about cloud computing, security is often a concern that comes up for many businesses. When they think of the cloud, they picture their highly sensitive and valuable data floating around the cyberspace where it can easily be swiped by hackers and cyber criminals. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The idea that cloud computing is less secure than storing your company data on your own local server is like storing your money under your bed because you think it’s safer than keeping it in a bank account. This analogy also rings true when comparing the practical benefits of these two approaches. Simply put, doing it the old fashioned way is far less convenient in this digital age.

Upgrading to Cloud Geeni’s Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can actually strengthen the security of your data. Between our state-of-the-art data centres, stringent security measures, comprehensive disaster recovery system, and our fully managed service, all included as standard, you can rest assured that your company data is in safe hands.

First, what is Managed IaaS?

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is a cloud computing model where an IaaS vendor provides you with the servers, storage and computing power you need to build your own cloud-hosted IT infrastructure. Within this private cloud environment, you can store all your data and files and run all your applications, and access them over the Internet.

What separates Cloud Geeni from other IaaS providers is that we offer a Managed IaaS solution. This means that your service is fully managed, monitored and maintained by our team of dedicated cloud computing experts. Instead of providing you with the resources that you need and leaving you to it, we provide technical guidance every step of the way, from pre-audit and migration to final testing and delivery. If any potential issues arise, our Microsoft-certified engineers are notified immediately and work responsively to resolve the problem.

There are many more benefits to upgrading to our Managed IaaS platform. For starters, it’s a fantastic remote working solution that can greatly improve efficiency and boost productivity within your business. Your company data is stored on our cloud servers, so your employees can access their work files and applications on any compatible device, whether they’re in the office, at home or on the road. This accessibility and flexibility allows your staff to work better, faster and smarter.

Managed IaaS can not only help to boost your profitability, but help to reduce your costs. We move your data and applications from your legacy system to our data centres, eliminating the need for you to maintain your own physical servers, which require a lot of time, energy and resources. Instead, Managed IaaS operates on a subscription basis so you only pay for what you need, offering excellent value for money.

Like many other subscription services, Managed IaaS is easily scalable. You can expand your service as your business grows, or scale back if you’re forced to streamline. Your service can be adapted to suit your company’s needs. While your IT team may initially be hesitant about the idea of Managed IaaS, it will actually relieve them of the burden of constantly fixing server issues, and instead allow them to add real value to the business.

And, of course, another reason why many businesses upgrade to Managed IaaS is because it offers better security. Let’s take a look at how Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS solution safeguards your data.

How does Managed IaaS improve the security of your data?

data security with cloud geeni

State-of-the-art data centres

We store your company data on highly secure servers at our UK-based data centres which are fully ISO-accredited, meaning they meet some of the highest security standards in the industry. Our data centres are equipped with fire detection systems, optimal temperature control, and iris-recognition software, which allows us to ensure maximum performance and manage who can access the building.


A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access within a private network. We use enterprise-grade firewalls, which monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, forming a secure barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network. Our active/passive mode firewalls offer fully redundant, multiple-carrier network connectivity, and we use various filters such as Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Deep Inspection to filter out any potential attacks.

Two-factor authentication

These days, a simple password isn’t enough to ensure the security of your network, data and devices. Instead, we implement two-factor authentication (2FA), a more stringent security method where a user is only granted access after they present two or more pieces of evidence. This verifies the identity of all your users and confirms the health of their devices before they log-in, so you can have peace of mind that anyone who logs in to your network is a trusted user.

Strip data from lost or stolen devices

A smartphone falling out of a pocket. A laptop accidentally being left on the train. A tablet being swiped from a gym locker room. We’ve all been there — losing a device that’s valuable not just because of its price tag, but because of the highly sensitive data, files and credentials that it contains. Thankfully, we can strip devices of all data and credentials with immediate effect if they are stolen, safeguarding your network from any unwanted intruders.

Regular backups

We back up your data on a daily basis, so if you accidentally delete an important file or a bigger issue occurs, there is always a recent copy of your work for us to recover. We can retain your backed-up data for as long as 60 days or more, and we can provide snapshots of database servers on as regular a basis as you like. We can even offer off-site archive backups to a third party of your choice.

Disaster recovery system

Whether it’s a natural disaster, hardware failure or human error, catastrophe can strike at any time at a data centre. As standard, we provide a comprehensive disaster recovery system that safeguards your business from major disruption, downtime or data loss.

Your company data is replicated in near real-time at a secondary centre based in a different geographical location, offering the same level of storage, computing power and networking capacity. So if your primary data centre succumbs to a flood, fire or power outage for example, your IT infrastructure will seamlessly failover to its sibling server in a matter of seconds.

We guarantee at least 99.9% uptime to all of our clients, ensuring business continuity at all times.