You’re probably getting tired of hearing about cloud computing by now – wherever you turn, someone is talking about how adopting the cloud has saved them, or how they’re finding new ways to utilise the cloud to combat the impacts of the pandemic. Whilst this is true to some degree, it’s vital that we keep the conversation surrounding digital adoption alive; for many businesses, this migration could be the turning point for them during this tough time, making the difference between survival and closure. With that in mind, we thought that now would be as good a time as any to share one of our biggest success stories over the past 12 months, our work with Norton Peskett. Check out how Norton Peskett used cloud adoption to combat the pandemic, as well as the role that Cloud Geeni has played in that success, by reading on!


Who are Norton Peskett?

Norton Peskett are a well-established solicitors practice based in East Anglia that has been providing legal services to customers and local businesses for over 180 years. From simple beginnings in the 1830s, they have seen considerable growth since the 1970s that has seen them able to expand into further areas of the region, including Great Yarmouth and Norwich, amongst other zones. Despite these deep roots and an exceptional reputation locally, Norton Peskett found itself in a precarious position once the impacts of the pandemic hit – this was an unprecedented situation and the correct response was pivotal at that moment. Just like for many other businesses across the country, Norton Peskett identified cloud solutions as the most effective way to maintain a high level of productivity whilst working from home, so they set out to find a cloud service provider that wouldn’t just offer a solution, but do so with care, attention to detail, and a personal touch. 

Norton Peskett

How Did Cloud Geeni Help them?

That’s where our team at Cloud Geeni stepped in – Norton Peskett approached and explained their current issues, of which many businesses are now familiar due to the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, explaining what they’d need from their cloud solution and the obstacles that they were likely to face in implementing the new solution. Whilst with some providers this migration can be a tough, confusing stage, Cloud Geeni strives to ensure that the transition is quick, efficient, and seamless, requiring minimal adoption time so that you can return to your productive ways and get your business back on track as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen with Norton Peskett. Now, with their intuitive cloud-based solution, they have been able to sustain and consolidate their business digitally, with their team learning more and more about the power of cloud computing and the benefits that it presents to them on a daily basis thanks to the help of Cloud Geeni.


What Did They Have To Say?

“Looking back to this time last year none of us could have predicted this unprecedented situation. We will unfortunately be living with some of the pandemic’s consequences for years to come.


Since March I have had to manage the firm’s IT department on my own and I continue to do so. I could not have done this had the firm not have migrated to a cloud solution a few months ago.


A BIG thank you to the Cloud Geeni team for their help and patience. I have had to learn a lot in a short time and continue to do so daily.”


– Lynn Burdett, IT Manager


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Whilst this success story goes to show the obvious benefits that cloud computing presents to businesses across the UK and beyond, the fact remains that there are still many businesses at risk of falling behind the competition by standing still rather than jumping into the future using cloud computing. If you’d like to start your company’s digital transformation today, simply get in touch with our team at Cloud Geeni – we’ve got flexible solutions to help every business succeed, prosper, and dominate the market, so don’t hesitate to chat to one of our experts today.