No matter what industry you’re operating in, there is a huge focus on data flow – whether it’s the protection of it, the use of it, the handling of it, or the collection of it. For manufacturers, this is a particularly large issue – there are lots of different types of data being collected from a range of different sources continually, so trying to keep track of this can be a huge pain point if they aren’t utilising the correct technology. The number one way to help ease this data processing burden is through the use of cloud computing, where you’ll be able to automate the actions relating to data, meaning that it’s automatically handled with minimal user input – this means very few people ever see the data, whilst also freeing up employees to be more productive.


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What data are you processing?

First of all, you need to understand what data it is that you need to be keeping an eye on – this is the first barrier to overcome and once you understand this, it’ll become much easier. Essentially, as a manufacturer you’ll have lots of data being sent and received daily; this can be from suppliers, customers, employees, enquiries, order forms, shipping details, and many more avenues that might be applicable. To avoid any dangers regarding this data flow, you need to ensure that you’re handling it in the safest way possible – there has been an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting data over the past year, so it’s never been more important to have the right security measures in place. From names and addresses to payment details and phone numbers, all of the data you send and receive must be stored in a secure and manageable location – you need to strike a balance between keeping this data under lock and key, whilst also ensuring that you’re still making use of the data that’s available to you. If you have permission to do so, the data at your disposal can be an incredibly valuable tool that gives you fantastic insight into your customers, informing you on how best to retain them as customers using the correct marketing techniques. 


As you can imagine, controlling and processing big data such as this is no task for manual office staff – to do so would be a waste of resources and a huge source of errors! This is where the cloud comes in…


Why you need to utilise the cloud

By utilising intelligent, flexible cloud solutions to help handle your data, you’ll be able to automate much of the process and free up a large amount of time for your staff, enabling them to work on furthering the business rather than simply processing data. You’ll also be reducing instances of human error within the data handling process too, which can be one of the most damaging factors for companies, as the liability will fall on themselves in the event of a breach due to an attack. Cloud software will be able to implement processes that make data processing an incredibly easy task, one that you won’t even have to worry about, which can be a huge form of stress relief for the entire organisation. In addition to this, utilising a virtual cloud infrastructure throughout your business will enable you to use secure remote data centres – these secure units are the perfect way to protect sensitive data that you don’t want to see leaked. Our ISO accredited data centres at Cloud Geeni feature multi-factor authentication and robust security measures, ensuring that your precious data is kept safe and sound around the clock. 


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