As with almost every industry, the legal industry is booming off the back of the recent spike in the adoption of cloud computing. Before 2020, there had been a gradual rise in the adoption of cloud services, but with the enforced restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this demand has seen a huge upturn which has seen far more companies making the decision to move to cloud services or accelerate their transition to the cloud to accommodate for circumstances surrounding us all. In the legal sector, many law firms have taken advantage of the unusual working conditions in 2020, exploring the possibility of moving towards a more remote and flexible style of working. Below, we take a look at cloud computing and its benefits in the legal sector. 

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What is cloud computing and how do legal companies benefit when utilising it?

Cloud computing is a form of business infrastructure that’s hosted in the cloud – this eliminates the reliance on physical infrastructure and instead places the emphasis on data centres and digital platforms, which are infinitely more scalable and versatile to allow them to tailor to your business’ requirements. Cloud computing can be used in a number of ways for a range of different reasons but is most effective when it is used as part of a holistic cloud approach or a hybrid cloud approach. A holistic approach takes all of the physical infrastructures out of your operations – you’ll be based entirely in the cloud, reaping the benefits of the unlimited resources and lack of restrictions holding you back. In a hybrid approach, you’ll keep only the essential physical infrastructure, with the rest of your structure being placed in the cloud to save space, costs, and restriction. 


With the power of cloud computing behind you, your law firm will be able to step into the future with a more rounded and scalable business model that is capable of coping with the demand and challenges you’re likely to face as a growing company. In times of high demand, you’ll be able to increase your power to handle the increased load, whereas in quiet periods you’ll be able to reduce capacity to keep costs low. This means that you’ll never be paying for more than you’re using when you’re on the cloud. 


Along with the obvious cost benefits, law firms can also take advantage of the enhanced security and precautions that come with cloud computing – two-factor authentication prohibits unauthorized access to your platforms whilst high-level encryption keeps your sensitive data safe. As you can imagine, law firms are constantly dealing with an abnormally high level of sensitive personal data when compared to businesses in other sectors, so it’s natural for these businesses to strive for the most comprehensive security measures available – Cloud Geeni’s bespoke cloud solutions ensure that your operations are smooth, practical and, above all else, secure at all times.


Why choose Cloud Geeni?

Here at Cloud Geeni, we’re committed to providing market-leading cloud solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. So, whether you’re a manufacturer, marketer, or operating in the legal sector, our bespoke cloud computing solutions are on hand to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in the modern business environment.

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