Allowing your employees to work from anywhere, at any time, our hosted desktop solutions are designed to benefit your business.

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But did you know that hosted desktops can also support your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and maximise mobile working?

The benefits of BYOD

Today, more and more workplaces are introducing BYOD initiatives. In fact, more than 67% of workers now use their personal devices at work,[1] and 39% of businesses are adopting a formal BYOD policy[2]. And, when you look at the benefits, the reason for the rising popularity of BYOD becomes clear.

  • Devices can be expensive. But with BYOD the cost of buying, maintaining and insuring hardware is reduced
  • We are now facing a mobile working revolution, with employees demanding more flexible working patterns. BYOD helps you to meet this challenge by providing your staff with everything they need to do their jobs, no matter where they are
  • Millennials don’t want to struggle with outdated tech. Instead, they want to use the same high-quality tools and practices they do in their personal time. As such, BYOD can help to attract top-quality talent
  • BYOD has been proven to improve productivity. In fact, 36% of BYOD users are classed as “hyperproductive”; saving at least two hours per week[3].

BYOD and the cloud-based hosted desktop

The rise of BYOD policies has happened because of the cloud. And, by aligning cloud services (such as hosted desktops) with BYOD, businesses will see benefits in mobility, collaboration, productivity and security.

Here are just some of the key benefits of a hosted desktop:

Reduced costs

  • No cost of buying, running, and maintaining your own server
  • Get better equipment for your business, at a fraction of the price, with storage capacity, processing power, memory, and network bandwidth all part of a shared kit
  • Just pay for what you need on a per user basis. And scale up, or down on demand.

No hassle

  • No aggravation of buying, running, and maintaining your own server
  • Keep using your business applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and Sage
  • It’s on demand. You can set up accounts for new users and order more storage space as and when required. In a matter of minutes
  • You don’t need to log in and log out of many different devices.

Better backup

  • Back up your data automatically
  • Backups are tested regularly to make sure they work.

Increased productivity

  • Experience little to no downtime. At Cloud Geeni, our hosted desktops boast 99% uptime
  • Employees have access to everything they need wherever they need it, on any device. Even if they aren’t in the office.

Crucially, while working like a regular PC desktop, with a hosted solution, all the business applications, data and documents you need are installed on a cloud-hosted server in a carefully controlled UK data centre. So they never sit on any individual user’s device. As such, if you are going to adopt BYOD, the hosted desktop should be considered as part of your corporate-wide security policies.

For example, with BYOD employees have access to sensitive business information on their personal devices. And without careful management, this can be a security nightmare.  However, with a carefully configured hosted desktop, you retain the ability to manage all your devices remotely and centrally.

You can wipe devices of that all-important data if required (for example if an employee leaves or a laptop is stolen or lost). At the same time, with a cloud-based hosted desktop all your information is automatically backed up. So if you do lose a device, the data is still available.

Also, with a managed hosted desktop, you can control how your data is accessed and used. And, protecting your employee’s privacy, you can also put steps in place that prevents access to their personal information, data and applications.

Find out more about how our cloud-hosted desktops can support your BYOD policy. All for one affordable monthly payment and no upfront capital investment*.


*Subject to a 36-month agreement


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