According to reports, workers in the UK are 22.2% less productive than those in the US. But what can British businesses do to give their workforce a boost? Well, cloud technologies are also reported to deliver a 20% increase in productivity. Consequently, smart employers should look to the cloud to enhance business performance. And, when it comes to why the cloud is delivering an increase in output, remote working could be the answer.

The benefits of mobility

Changing attitudes are redefining the traditional working environment. But, while fewer people sit at their desks 9-5 than ever before, and mobility is now crucial, 43% of remote workers still find it difficult to access the documents and files they need.

Cloud technology provides the answer to this challenge; allowing employees to remain permanently connected, no matter where and when they are. And, with a hosted desktop solution, employers can provide employees with access to all the files, programmes and apps they require, from any device (as long as it is connected to the internet).

This ability to work remotely while staying completely secure is the reason why businesses are flocking to adopt a hosted desktop solution. And it has enormous benefits when it comes to productivity.

  • Employees are no longer confined by the working day. They can work when best suits them
  • Businesses spend less time worrying about IT, with an effective workstation managed remotely by a team of experts
  • Employees spend less time searching for information, with everything they need readily accessible
  • You experience little to no downtime. For example, at Cloud Geeni, our hosted desktop solutions boast 99% uptime
  • The hosted desktop helps you make internal business silos a thing of the past by improving visibility between different departments and offices. This can have a huge impact when it comes to working collaboratively and boosting productivity.

The benefits of employee satisfaction

Since the right to request flexible working was introduced, an increasing number of businesses have launched formal agile working policies. It seems that companies everywhere are waking up to the benefits of remote and mobile working. In fact, when it comes to employee satisfaction levels, such flexibility is now more important to 67% of staff than a company car.

Of course, it’s no surprise that flexible working leads to an improved work-life balance. And here again, mobility is crucial.

With a hosted desktop, staff don’t need to be physically present to do their jobs. Instead, they can take control of their day and make it work for them. For example, employees can join conference calls outside of the 9-5 without it impacting massively on their free time.

It also becomes easier to make room for personal commitments without negatively impacting job productivity. And that’s a win-win for everyone.

But flexible and remote working doesn’t just happen. The right technology is a must if you are serious about helping employees balance their work-life demands.

Make sure you’re ready for the mobile working revolution

The hosted desktop lets workers take control of their working day to optimise productivity. With secure, fast and reliable access on any device, watch our video to find out more about Cloud Geeni.

The quality and capability of our hosting increases efficiency and productivity across your entire business. Helping you to grow and stay ahead of the competition.