Businesses of all types and sizes are starting to realise the benefits of the cloud. With 81% of organisations planning to increase their use of cloud service over the next 12 months[1]. But with 2018 another record year for startups in the UK, and 2019 looking to continue the trend, the advantages for this thriving sector are particularly compelling. Here’s why

The cloud provides a level playing field

One of the biggest challenges when launching a startup is taking on bigger competitors who have money to invest (if not to burn). However, the cloud provides previously unattainable access to enterprise-level IT, usually for one affordable monthly fee. So, with the cloud on their side, smaller businesses can tap into the same resources as their larger competitors.

The cloud supports business growth

When you launch a new venture, you usually want to grow. But anticipating and planning for growth can be tricky. Flourish too fast and you could struggle to keep up without the right IT investment. Expand too slowly and you could have forked out for resources you don’t need.

The cloud provides scalable and flexible access to technology. So your resources grow simultaneously with your business. And you only ever pay for what you need.

The cloud supports innovation

With the cloud, entrepreneurs can innovate and experiment with the peace of mind that if their endeavours don’t go to plan, they can modify their cloud strategy with little to no adverse outcomes.

The cloud supports modern working practices

We are living in a mobile world, with fewer people sitting at their desks 9-5 than ever before. Despite this, SMEs in the UK are lagging behind their larger counterparts when it comes to offering flexible working.

Technology is the key to creating a productive mobile workforce. By giving employees access to all their data, software and files, wherever they are, the cloud helps people to connect and work effectively.

The cloud also supports BYOD initiatives. And for entrepreneurs that find it desirable for staff to use their own personal computers (often for financial reasons), this can be invaluable.

The cloud is affordable

When a startup uses cloud technology, the initial investment already been made on their behalf. What’s more, the cloud provider will also look after the software as part of their fee. So startups can enjoy all the latest features they need, without having to worry about maintaining and upgrading their IT constantly.

The cloud keeps your data safe

Cloud service providers provide the highest levels of security and reliability. This gives startups more protection than they could ever create for themselves. Since the implementation of the GDPR this has never been more critical.

The cloud provides reliable IT

The cost of unexpected downtime can be devastating. But with the cloud, startups have the peace of mind that experts are watching their system all the time; so it continues to run smoothly and quickly.

The cloud boosts productivity

Cloud technology can help to streamline processes; helping startup businesses to save time and boost productivity.

Today’s technology delivered efficiently from the cloud is helping smaller businesses compete, innovate and grow in ways that were formerly unimaginable. Find out more about how our cloud-hosted desktops can help your startup to flourish.