ISO accredited data centres

Complying with an internationally recognised best practice framework, our data centres are situated in the UK and are ISO27001 certified (this ensures you are working with a trustworthy provider committed to safeguarding your data).

They are fitted with fire detection and suppression systems, temperature controlled to ensure optimum performance and protected by Iris recognition entry systems. They also have backup power supplies for independent running.

Together this means that we offer robust connectivity while making sure that your sensitive business data is protected at all times.


Microsoft Certified Engineers

With acclaimed MCSE certification, we have the skills needed to build efficient cloud solutions using Microsoft technology.

MCSE certification is the target credential for experts working with core Microsoft technologies including Azure, Windows Server and SQL Server.

Our dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Engineers has everything you need to design and build a hosted desktop solution that is right for your business, and your budget. Looking after your data 24/7, you can be confident that your business-critical data is always being taken care of.


Application Hosting

With Cloud Geeni, your users will enjoy access to all the business applications they need, from anywhere, on any internet enabled device.

Removing the costs associated with traditional on-premise server software upgrades, by moving your applications to the cloud you’ll benefit from an increase in productivity – that goes without saying. More than this, you’ll also be better placed to embrace innovation and facilitate business growth.


Real-Time Backups & Replication

Our cloud storage boasts best-in-class backup and recovery processes.

Your files sit on a dedicated machine in a UK data centre, but they are also duplicated and backed up. So if a failure occurs, it’s never a problem. The backup will immediately cut across to its sibling, so there is no loss of service and no downtime. Moreover, your data is replicated in near real time over at another data centre – at a separate location – in case of unexpected events such as floods and fires. Every night your data is backed up again, and you can decide how many of these daily backups to keep.


Secure Storage

Businesses can be wary of putting sensitive or business-critical data into the cloud. Removing the worry, at Cloud Geeni we make security a key priority.

This means that everything is stored in high-security data centres, with robust encryption and all the latest security updates continually protecting your system.

Where necessary, we’ll also meet any additional security standards specific to your sector. In addition, if your employees are accessing data remotely, we can establish security measures such as two-factor authentication and the ability to strip mobile devices of all data quickly and easily if they are lost or stolen. Does your current server have the same security measures as this?


Firewall Protection

Cyber attacks happen, and a strike can occur anytime, anyplace. With Cloud Geeni we do the worrying, so you don’t have to.

Firewalls are necessary to reduce the likelihood of hackers and viruses reaching your business over the internet. However, the same level of technology you rely on at home isn’t enough to protect your valuable and sensitive business information. At Cloud Geeni our cloud server services are equipped with Enterprise level Juniper Firewalls (managed by people who read security blogs and updates while on holiday!).


Fully Managed Migration

Looking after your migration from start to finish, we make sure that there isn’t any impact on your business operations.

There are a lot of things to consider when moving to a cloud-based hosted desktop. For example, which platform/products you should use. You’ll also need to take into account any legacy systems that need to be integrated into your new setup. While it is a complicated process, our tried and trusted migration experts and proven methods keep everything simple; getting you up and running in no time. Your new cloud system will run parallel to your legacy one until the process is complete, and you only move when you have tested your new solution and confirmed you are happy.


Complete Microsoft Suite of Products

Offering the complete Microsoft suite of products, we help you get the most out of your chosen technologies.

Our dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Engineers has everything you need to design, build, deploy and manage a hosted desktop solution that is right for your business, and your budget.

With all the skills required to develop efficient cloud solutions, our experts work with the full suite of Microsoft products including Azure, Hyper-V, Office 365, Microsoft Cloud Platform, SQL Server, Exchange, Windows Server and SharePoint.

Full Range of Office 365 Services & Features – Including VoIP Enabled Microsoft Teams

When you choose Cloud Geeni for your cloud computing services, you’ll benefit from the wide range of services and features offered by Office 365.

One of the greatest benefits of Cloud Geeni cloud managed service is giving your workforce the mobility and flexibility they need. Building on Microsoft Teams tools allows your employees to work as a more communicative, collaborative and coherent team across one standard platform – allowing your team to stay connected means that remote working has never been easier.

The best part of this service is that when you choose to work with Cloud Geeni, you’ll benefit from a managed service. Whether you want Cloud Geeni as your business’s one point of contact or as a partner to your IT team, we will manage your Office 365 and other Microsoft services for you.

Securing Your Office 365 Emails with Mimecast Cloud Cybersecurity Services

With a fully hosted and managed infrastructure, full Office 365 services and better flexibility for remote and mobile working than ever before, Cloud Geeni cloud computing is a modern and cutting edge solution. We are committed to providing a secure and safeguarded service, which is why we work with Mimecast alongside our two-step authentication, secure storage and firewall protection.

Mimecast is a global business that specialises in cloud-based email management and security. For a lot of businesses, whether you work in the financial sector, legal sector, or anything else, keeping your emails secure means protecting sensitive and private information. We are dedicated to keeping your business and its information secure and we’re proud to work with Mimecast.

With 51% of businesses having suffered from a ransomware attack and with 85% of IT experts believing that email spoofing will either remain at the same level or increase over the next few years, it’s more important than ever to keep your business secure.

Cloud Geeni offers a managed service that combines Mimecast security, remote device management and that utilises add-ons with 365 for advanced threat protection, including managed backup of your 365 estate. With Cloud Geeni, you can rest assured that your business’s IT is in safe hands.


UK Based Data Centres

The location of data centres has become increasingly important, with many UK businesses looking to switch to centres located in the UK. All Cloud Geeni data centres are situated in the UK.

As businesses become more aware of their obligations with regard to the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we ensure that we meet established security levels, have stringent processes for dealing with information, best-in-class service level agreements, and sound backup and retrieval procedures.


Unlimited Resources

With a hosted desktop solution from Cloud Geeni, you don’t need to worry about limited resources.

Instead, we provide you with everything you need, as and when you need it. There are virtually no limits on how much power, space and memory you can use. So, if you experience a period of high demand, we’ve got you covered. Likewise, should that demand drop off, we’ll scale back to suit. So you never have to pay for resources that you don’t need. As a result, reliability and performance are boosted, without any permanent spike in price.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Providing an extra layer of security to protect your all important data.

With best-of-breed 2FA plus policy control, our comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of all your users, and ensures the health of their devices before they connect to your applications. Ultimately, with 2FA from Cloud Geeni we make security painless, so you can focus on what’s important.

no physical infrastructure needed with cloud computing

Our Cloud Infrastructure Removals The Need For Physical Infrastructure

With our cloud computing service, your IT infrastructure is all moved and hosted on our private and highly-secure cloud data centres. This means that the need for you to host and maintain a physical IT infrastructure can be entirely removed. We understand that for a lot of businesses, saving space on-site is a huge priority. With Cloud Geeni, you’ll no longer need to use that crucial physical space to host your IT infrastructure.

Remote Working Made Easy

For the last few years, the move towards digitisation has only increased. More and more businesses are choosing to utilise working from home solutions for their workforce, saving office space and time commuting. Of course, remote working comes with its own problems such as communication and team collaboration.

With Cloud Geeni’s hosted and managed cloud computing, remote working will be easier than ever. Our cutting edge solution, our cloud managed service enables your workers to securely access your business IT infrastructure remotely, ensuring they have access to everything they need to do their work, wherever they are.

Cloud geeni data recovery and data management

Disaster Recovery

With a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS platform can safeguard your business’ data from any cock-up or catastrophe.

Your infrastructure is duplicated in real-time at a secondary data centre. So if your server at data centre 1 fails — or the data centre itself succumbs to a power outage or a natural disaster — your infrastructure will cut across to its sibling server at data centre 2 in just 3-4 seconds, ensuring business continuity. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is a maximum of 2 hours for diagnosis, consultation and failover. A guarantee of 99.9% uptime is given to all of our clients. Our failover service is standard and is included in the price at no extra cost.

Control Over Access of Data

Cloud Geeni’s Managed IaaS platform gives you full control over who can access what data. You can set restrictions on different files or folders for different users or departments, ensuring your team can access everything they need while minimising the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Data Storage

Each of our clusters have a dedicated full SSD storage platform, presented via fibre channel connectivity. Enterprise-level server infrastructure provide us with ultra-responsive disk access times, backed with full data resiliently spanned across multiple drives. There are no physical limitations to growth. Additional resources are available with instant implementation.


Cloud Geeni Support

Although cloud computing technology is our core service, at the heart of our company are people. Cloud Geeni aren’t like other I.T. or tech companies. Our friendly, professional and experienced staff are helpful, attentive and always willing to go the extra mile. We have a UK-based support team to deal with any customer questions or issues and a team of engineers who are on hand to respond to any tech issue as soon as possible.

In our engineering team alone, we have a combined 50-plus years of experience. Many of our employees have been with us for over 5, 10 years, which is a testament to their dedication and how great we are as a company.


Data Centre Support

Our monitoring solution is primarily through Goliath. This solution allows us to ensure that end-users will have application access before they even attempt to login. We confirm application availability before users arrive at work and if there is an issue with the login process or session performance we have, in real-time, the data to troubleshoot the issue.

Any issues are reported directly to our team 24/7/365. The WAN is monitored directly by M247 and Teledata (our data centre providers) who report any issues directly to us, 24/7. LAN is monitored by Goliath and reports immediately to our team 24/7. Our firewalls have built-in software for intrusion protection that will alert the team to any serious or significant threat, 24/7.

Our engineers will also be responsible under general maintenance and support for the patching of all operating systems. These are planned with the consent and agreement of the client, usually out of hours, to minimize disruption. 3rd party software is usually patched by the supplier, with monitored, timed access provided with our clients’ agreement.


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