According to a new survey, almost half of employees want their workplace technology to perform just like their personal technology.

The report by The Workforce Institute at Kronos found that:

  • 48% of those surveyed worldwide wish their workplace technology performed just like their personal technology
  • Fewer than one in five (18%) do not want their workplace technology and personal technology to function similarly
  • Just 13% of the UK employees surveyed believe that their workplace solutions are more user-friendly than their personal technology
  • More than half of all employees surveyed worldwide (55%) agree it is easier to search for new movies on Netflix than to check the details of their employee benefits
  • More than a third of employees surveyed worldwide (35%) feel their job is harder than it should be because of outdated processes and legacy technology. This figure jumps to 40% in the UK
  • Just a quarter of employees surveyed worldwide (25%) disagree with the notion that their workplace technology makes common activities more complicated by adding extra or unnecessary steps.

The report also found that younger employees are less tolerant of poor workplace technology than older employees.

Breaking it down by age-group

When asked whether outdated processes and technology make their job harder than it should be, worldwide the following groups said yes:

  • Boomers – 20%
  • Gen X – 34%
  • Older Millennials – 38%
  • Younger Millennials – 40%
  • Gen Z – 39%

This should signal a stark warning to companies that are still using outdated and inefficient working practices. Because if you want to be able to attract a new breed of workforce, you are going to have to give them the tools they expect to do their jobs. If you don’t, you will soon lose them to competitors that are willing to invest.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for the organisation behind the report said: “Once upon a time, workplace technology was far more innovative and superior to anything that was available for consumer use. However, the tables have turned and the opposite is true today. The proliferation of the on-demand and gig economy apps that now dominate our everyday lives should prompt organizations to walk a mile in their employees’ shoes. Those who empower employees with intuitive, responsive solutions that match the ease of use and real-time nature of their favorite apps will gain an important advantage in their efforts to recruit and retain top talent.”

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Investing in the cloud

Tech helps everyone to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. And, if you set up your mobile processes and tech correctly, you can give your employees what they need while becoming more productive. In fact, companies that embrace mobility by moving to cloud-based technologies such as hosted desktops realise significant cost and operations benefits, including increased productivity and happier employees.

If you’re thinking about investing in technology to help your employees to work smarter and harder, speak to a member of our team to find out more.