At Cloud Geeni, we are continually looking forward. And, we are already excited about the potential digital transformation trends we could see in 2020. So, when it comes to hot topics, what will the business world be talking about in 12 months time?


The IoT is a world where devices – connected to the web – talk to us, to other applications, and to each other. And, the IoT is unleashing the potential of big data, as all aspects of our lives become more and more data-driven. But it’s not the volume of data that’s important. It’s what we do with it that matters. In fact, how a business controls its data is directly related to its success; with the most prosperous organisations those that turn data insights into actionable improvements and innovations for clients.

In 2020, any organisation not investing in analytics will soon be left behind. Big data is only getting bigger, and the power of analytics should not be underestimated.

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AI and Machine Learning

AI is already helping to support a huge range of business functions. And, its ability to automating the analysis of massive data sets is going to become crucial. This is because AI and machine learning can do this at a fraction of the time it takes humans, often with fewer instances of error. What’s more, when it comes to analysing complex information from a huge range of sources, there is a limit to what humans can do. There is no such issue with AI and machine learning.

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The multi-cloud

The multi-cloud uses two or more cloud computing services from any number of different cloud vendors. It can be a combination of private, public and hybrid clouds. So, with this model you can mix and match cloud services from different providers, often to meet specific workload needs. And, as the consumption of cloud services continues to grow over the coming years, it is likely that the multi-cloud will soon become the norm.

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The next evolution in wireless communication, 5G is already being widely discussed in tech circles. In fact, as well as looking at what 5G is, we’ve also spent some time considering how it will change the way we all do business. And, in 2020, we expect that the big names in tech will be getting in on the 5G act. Not least because, with faster broadband speeds and more reliable mobile networks, 5G could be the missing link for companies that want to capitalise on the power of cloud computing.

WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi. It does all the things that your current WiFi does, but with the benefit of additional technologies to make things faster and more efficient. Crucially, rather than looking at the speed of individual devices, Wi-Fi 6 will improve networks when a bunch of devices are connected – while using less energy. As businesses use more and more devices, this is vital to stop networks from slowing down.

Customer experience (CX)

CX is now crucial to any businesses that want to meet evolving customer expectations. And, here again data is key. So, if you want to keep ahead of the curve over the next 12 months and beyond, it is vital that your business becomes data enabled. Business leaders should also be investing in technology that puts the customer at the very heart of their interactions with their organisation.

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