The need for cloud computing and cloud resellers over the past few years has been incredible – almost every business has now taken to the cloud in some shape or form, with many actually migrating the majority, or all, of their operations to a cloud-based location. This completely eliminates the need for physical infrastructure, which reduces operating costs and ensures that their organisation is more protected, better managed, and more flexible than ever before. Of course, when integrating the cloud you’ll need someone to provide these solutions, and the necessary management and maintenance, to you, but how do you find the best provider? Well, we think it all boils down to trust – you want a trusted service from a trusted provider. In general, most businesses will already have an IT partner that they trust, but if this provider doesn’t offer the cloud solutions that the company requires, it creates a difficult situation – this is where a cloud reseller service becomes the ideal fix! Trusted IT service providers will be able to team up with cloud computing experts such as ourselves at Cloud Geeni to offer our top-of-the-range solutions to their existing customers. 


There are a lot of benefits to becoming a cloud reseller but in today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the cloud reselling industry. 


The demand is real 

As you can imagine, the demand for cloud-based IT services has never been higher. Whilst the industry was already growing at a rapid pace pre-Covid, it’s now taken on an entirely new level due to the nature of the virus. Many businesses have seen their employees forced to stay in their homes, which has meant that agile cloud-based solutions have been a lifeline that’s enabled companies to continue functioning throughout the pandemic. 


For businesses looking to become a cloud reseller, that’s the best news you could possibly hear! There’s a huge market of clients looking to embrace cloud solutions, and you’re able to offer them exactly what they need – it’s the ideal time to grow your client base and add to your portfolio of services provided. Becoming a cloud reseller is also incredibly easier; many developers offer a white-label cloud solution that you are able to offer to your clients with your own branding to create a more uniform and professional feel for the package that’s provided. From your side, you can be confident that you’re offering your customers the best services on the market – here at Cloud Geeni, we’ve got a track record of offering high-quality solutions with 99% uptime guaranteed to ensure that you’re never left out in the cold due to unreliable service. This leads us on perfectly to our final point…

People need reliable cloud services 

With the pandemic forcing people to work from home, there’s never been more reliance on the cloud solutions that businesses are utilising to keep themselves going through the Covid-19 pandemic. As you’ll already know, flexibility and versatility are two of the biggest benefits of the cloud, which makes it an ideal remote working tool – it removes the need for major physical infrastructure in your home and you’ll be able to work just as you would in the office by using the same platforms and tools that you’re familiar with. There’s even the potential to use a virtual desktop, which will enable you to work using a familiar interface, making the entire transition an easier one to adapt to. 


Why choose Cloud Geeni

When you become a reseller partner with Cloud Geeni, there are more benefits than we could even begin to count – you’ll be able to expand your IT service offering to your clients without having to spend the time, effort, and money to develop your own cloud solution. This keeps costs low and sale value high: the perfect combination. To learn more about reseller partnerships, simply get in touch with our team at Cloud Geeni – our experts are always on hand to chat about opportunities and will be able to give you all the information you might need if you’re thinking about becoming a cloud service reseller.