The Brexit negotiations may be far from straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that businesses shouldn’t prepare. Here are just some of the ways the cloud can help you to survive Brexit – whatever form it takes.

Know your costs

As the Brexit debate rumbles on, so does the financial uncertainty. And that’s something that no business needs. But, with cloud-based services such as the hosted desktop, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. Instead, you’ll benefit from the very best enterprise-level IT, with a predictable recurring price plan.

Continue improving

When trying to modernise, companies usually have to innovate and upgrade. But this can be tricky when the future is uncertain.

Because cloud-based services are available for one fixed, manageable monthly price, you don’t have to put off investing until you know what Brexit will bring (and that can only be a good thing given the current negotiations!). Instead of postponing your IT projects, you can continue to improve your IT infrastructure and reduce the burden of ongoing IT investment.

Make sure you are compliant

Your business must comply with the Data Protection Act (the UK’s interpretation of GDPR).  This means meeting established security levels with processes for dealing with and sharing information.

When you enter into a service level agreements with a respected cloud provider, they can help to remove some of this burden from your shoulders (just remember to make adherence with the necessary data privacy laws a key part of your agreement).

What’s more, because of Brexit, the location of data centres has become increasingly important, with many UK businesses looking to switch to centres located in the UK. So watch out for this too.

Reduce the risk

With so much uncertainty in the marketplace, businesses must do everything they can to reduce their exposure to risk. By using cloud technology through SaaS (Software as a Service), organisations can help to keep their operations safe and secure. Not least because they avoid the common issues of disaster recovery and self-owned software.

The cloud can also help businesses to reduce their reliance on multiple third-party suppliers and the headache that comes with employing large IT teams.

Become agile

In the face of Brexit, it’s vital that businesses can respond to change. Especially as none of us knows what is around the corner. It’s essential that companies are able to react to both threats and opportunities as they arise.

Crucially, as well as dealing with Brexit, we are also going through a time of rapid digital change. So businesses must be able to adapt and shift the way they do things.

Helping to achieve this, cloud computing is creating more agile business models. With the power of the cloud, businesses of all sizes can move between resources quickly and easily. This leads to greater agility and flexibility. So, organisations that embrace the cloud are more flexible, faster-to-market and leaner than ever before.

At Cloud Geeni, we would argue that for organisations across the UK, business agility must be a key priority over the upcoming months and years.

To find out how our cloud services can benefit your business, regardless of what Brexit might bring, speak to a member of our team on 01942 263 434 today.