Hosted desktops are helping professional services firms to solve their business challenges; with a plethora of benefits including increased scalability, flexibility, productivity, efficiency, and resilience.

When it comes to hosted desktops, businesses can choose from VDI (where an IT team loads and manages a server with virtualisation software) or cloud technology (otherwise known as Desktop as a Service or DaaS). And, over the last few years, there has been a subtle shift as firms have started to turn to DaaS, with cloud technology replacing the traditional server-based model.

But, many firms are still nervous about making the switch to the cloud; despite the fact that companies that use this technology are generating 26% higher profits than their competitors. So, despite security concerns, why are some professional service firms turning to a DaaS hosted desktop setup?

  1. Security isn’t really a problem

70% of organisations are concerned about the security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud.[1] But despite these apprehensions, with robust cloud encryption now available, storing data in the cloud can be safer than storing it onsite. In fact, online retailer Amazon is so confident about the security of the cloud that it runs its entire business on a cloud platform.

However, for those firms that just don’t like the idea of storing sensitive data externally, but want to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, a hybrid approach to desktop delivery could provide the answer.

Using both on-premises and cloud-hosted desktops, with a hybrid approach, dedicated servers can be used to store highly confidential information, with the cloud used to support less sensitive data. And while these desktop models exist separately, they also interact with each other to provide a range of combined benefits.

  1. The cloud-based hosted desktop offers significant cost savings

A VDI hosted desktop can be costly to manage. Yes, it can provide hardware savings as IT departments could buy cheaper less powerful devices, but firms still need to invest in IT infrastructure; particularly when it comes to storage. Also, as companies are responsible for managing their hardware, software, licensing, and deployment in-house, they have to devote time and resource to keep everything working as it should.

So, the increasing complexity of network infrastructure and the considerable capital required for the setup of this are leading to increased demand for cloud computing services.

The cloud doesn’t need any large-scale infrastructure investment or ongoing maintenance. Firms simply pay for the software they use on a subscription basis (often month-to-month or annually) And, as the cloud provider looks after everything for them, firms can save on ongoing maintenance costs and don’t have to worry about employing any in-house VDI expertise.

As a result, the cloud has made enterprise-level hosted desktops affordable for small and growing firms. Just as compelling, 50% of cloud users have reduced their IT spend by 25%.

  1. The cloud-based is scalable

With VDI scalability can become complicated, as firms have to manage capacity needs, and balance these against any increase in costs.

But, one of the best things about the cloud is that it’s scalable, so adding additional space to accommodate growth (or scaling back) isn’t an issue. Indeed, with DaaS, firms only ever pay for what they need, with the ability to scale up, or down, on demand. Setting up new accounts for new employees and ordering more storage space or applications can be done in a matter of minutes.

  1. The cloud-based facilities more productive working

VDI relies on network connectivity with a weak connection hampering performance. And of course, this also prohibits more flexible, mobile working practices. But firms are looking for solutions which can provide more efficient and easier access to business data.

With a cloud-based hosted desktop, employees can access their hosted desktop anywhere, from any device. This means they can access essential files even if they aren’t in the office. Not only does this help to boost productivity, but it also supports more flexible working practices.

With a quality managed desktop service firms are also benefiting from best-in-class backup and recovery processes. So they can be sure that data is recoverable should something go wrong. It’s no wonder therefore, that demand for instant and consistent access to information in one of the major driving factors driving the cloud-based hosted desktop market.


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