Today, the cloud computing industry is worth billions. And the cloud revolution isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. In response to the growth of the cloud industry, many businesses are now looking at IT companies to help them migrate some or all of their operations to the cloud.

Here are just some of the reasons why customers are turning to the cloud:

  • Improved productivity. With the tools to do their jobs wherever and whenever they are
  • Enhanced security. The highest levels of security and reliability; with everything backed up in UK data centres
  • Instant scalability. Boosted storage capacity in minutes. While they only ever pay for what they use
  • Cost savings. Access to enterprise-level IT services for one affordable low monthly fee. With no costly hardware to buy or maintain
  • Better collaboration. Improved visibility and communication that makes internal business silos a thing of the past
  • Increased competitiveness. With small and medium-sized companies that retain an on-premise setup risking being left behind.

As more and more businesses seek out cloud-based options, it’s vital that IT suppliers can offer these services. Both to attract new business and maintain existing customer relationships.

But, creating your own cloud platform can be costly and complex; especially when you consider all the regulatory and security requirements necessary.  It’s no wonder, therefore, that becoming a cloud reseller is becoming an increasingly popular answer to this challenge.

What are the benefits of becoming a cloud reseller?

If you want to generate more income from your IT business, without the hassle of developing your own bespoke solutions, then becoming a reseller could be the answer.

  • Generate a new recurring revenue stream. By becoming a cloud reseller, you can add a recurring and growing income stream to your IT business with minimal risk
  • Hassle free. Because the cloud platform is already in place, you and your customers can be up and running in no time
  • Reduced costs. Unlike creating your own cloud platform, as a reseller you don’t have to pay to set up or maintain the infrastructure. There are no upfront costs or sales commitments. Instead, you simply pay for the resources and services your customers use and pass this cost onto your clients along with any additional service costs
  • Increased security and reliability. When you work with an expert cloud partner like Cloud Geeni, you’ll benefit from 99.9% uptime, ISO2700 certified UK based data centres, and all the necessary security features
  • Specialist support. Any reputable cloud provider will offer comprehensive support. At Cloud Geeni, we have a support team of over 50 staff, all based here in the UK. So you can be confident that you, and your customers, will receive a streamlined service with all the help and support you need
  • Retain your existing customer relationships. You retain complete control of your customer relationships. With white labelling options, you can even re-brand the service and sell it as your own.

Cloud computing is fast becoming the solution of choice for small, medium and growing businesses. So, to maximise sales to stay competitive, IT and software companies must capitalise on the power of the cloud.

Cloud Geeni is currently on the lookout for Partners to work as resellers of our market-leading hosted desktop solutions. Whatever your needs, we work in partnership with you to deploy your services via the cloud. Delivering exceptional value to your customers, while generating a guaranteed income for your business, we keep you competitive and profitable.

Our secure, UK-based hosted server gives you the flexibility to move into the cloud arena without any fuss. For more information about becoming a cloud reseller, contact us on 0330 088 0801.