In an online world, continual digital transformation is necessary to survive. And, because the tools we use change over time – sometimes rapidly – genuine digital transformation is about much more than investing in the latest tech.

Instead, it’s about rethinking how businesses use the technology, people and processes available to them to change and improve performance. Or, put simply, using what’s available to solve problems and find better ways of doing things.

Here are just some of the ways you could be holding your organisation back when it comes to successful digital transformation.

Not understanding what it involves

As we’ve discussed, there is a lack of understanding about what digital transformation means. It’s a phrase that is both overused and used incorrectly across the board. And crucially, if you start your journey by looking at any specific technology, your approach is unlikely to succeed.

Digital transformation is about improving the customer experience and achieving your business goals. Technology for the sake of adopting technology is not digital transformation. This is important because, in just a few years, the tools your business needs could look very different from today. So, to ensure you have everything you need to adapt and thrive, you must start by looking at why you need technology rather than focusing on any specific bit of IT.

Not looking at digital transformation holistically

Digital transformation needs to be led from the top and be supported by cross-departmental collaboration. A piece by piece approach is unlikely to be successful. Instead, digital transformation requires a culture of innovation, cooperation and creativity.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to make sweeping changes when it comes to your tech. Instead, what it means is that you have to make any changes strategically, with an overview of your entire operation and objectives.

Just as important, digital transformation is an ongoing process, not a one-time thing.

Fear of failure

When implementing digital transformation, companies often have to innovate, assess, tweak, apply and repeat. So, the process can be disruptive. And that’s a good thing. How can you expect to change if you are scared of upsetting the norm? But, all too often a fear of what this means can put people off. To reduce the risk and minimise the impact of change,  the cloud provides an environment where this can be done easily without the need for a complicated setup

Reluctance to change

Sometimes, business leaders believe that digital transformation is just not compatible with their company. But this is rarely the case. Instead, we would argue that it is always worth taking the time to identify why you believe this. Often, in doing so, you’ll discover that the things you think are impossible have simple solutions.

Concerns about cost

The lack of money is a common sticking point when it comes to arguing the case against digital transformation. But, the cost of not changing could be far higher.

To ensure you have the technology you need to support your digital transformation objectives, use a cloud vendor like Cloud Geeni. With us, you won’t have to fork out for a substantial up-front investment. Instead, you pay for what you need on a subscription basis.

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