A generation ago, offices and other onsite premises were where the job got done. But today, modern employees can work from pretty much anywhere. Furthermore, mobile working is very much in demand, with a more flexible working environment resulting in increases in employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. And, powering this new way of working across the globe is the cloud-based hosted desktop.

Here’s how you can help give your business a boost with a hosted desktop.

Employee satisfaction and engagement

Today, perhaps more than ever before, employee satisfaction matters. And, to be happy at work, people need to care and be enthusiastic about your business and their role in it. However, according to a recent study[1], while 87% of SMEs in the UK claim to be taking active steps to improve employee engagement, only 12% list it as a business priority.

What’s more, the data also shows that while 64% of managers believe that their employees feel valued, just 46% of non-managerial employees actually do, and a quarter of employees said they do not feel engaged at work at all.

Crucially, when asked what would help to make them feel more engaged, the most popular answers were flexible working and recognition for good work. So, by facilitating remote working, businesses can significantly increase their employee engagement levels. And, the happier your people are, the harder they tend to work. So it really is a win-win.

But flexible and remote working doesn’t just happen. The right technology is crucial if you are serious about helping employees to balance their work-life demands.

Increased productivity

As we have established, flexibility and mobility are now crucial, but allowing people to work remotely won’t work if they find it difficult to access the documents and files they need.

Here, cloud technology really demonstrates its value. For example, with a hosted desktop, employers can provide employees with access to all the files, programmes and apps they require, from any device. This allows your staff to remain connected, no matter where and when they are, and it has enormous benefits when it comes to productivity.

Employees are no longer confined by the working day and can work when best suits them, all while spending less time searching for information, with everything they need readily accessible.

The hosted desktop also helps to make internal business silos a thing of the past by improving visibility between different departments and offices. This can have a huge impact when it comes to working collaboratively and boosting productivity.

Today, many businesses remain sceptical about remote working, but in reality all the evidence shows that remote working actually improves productivity levels; as long as businesses invest in the technology needed to facilitate this approach.

Cost savings

Businesses that allow staff to work remotely can make significant financial savings. In fact, six out of 10 employers identify significant costs savings as a benefit of remote working. And when IBM implemented a work-from-home policy it slashed its real estate costs by a whopping $50 million![2]

Also, cloud-based hosted desktops are not expensive to get up-and-running. Indeed, because they are provided on a subscription basis they are an operating expenditure and provide a more stable cash flow than traditional IT arrangements.

And there are some other financial benefits that can be realised by investing in a cloud-based hosted desktop:

  • The hosted desktop streamlines and consolidates work functions across devices which saves you a lot of time.
  • With 99.9% uptime guaranteed (with Cloud Geeni), you don’t have to worry about the toll of lost business hours
  • The hosted desktop helps to make your employees – and therefore your business – more productive
  • Reducing instances of duplication and improving collaboration, the hosted desktop helps everyone to work smarter
  • Cloud-based hosted desktops come with UK based technical support as part of your monthly subscription. So you benefit from a reduction in internal IT helpdesk calls and firefighting. So you can reduce the size of your technical staff or free your IT department to get on with tasks that drive business improvement
  • Cloud-based software providers continuously improve their solution at no extra cost to you
  • With cloud-based hosted desktops you can appoint an ISO27001 certified and trustworthy provider, committed to safeguarding your data. This aids GDPR compliance and helps you to avoid risking hefty fines.

Switching to our hassle-free hosted desktop will increase satisfaction and productivity across your entire business. But you don’t have to take our word for it. To see how a hosted desktop solution can benefit your business, contact us to today. 


[1] Propellernet

[2] Global Workplace