Delivering increased flexibility, scalability, productivity, efficiency, and resilience, it’s no wonder that professional services firms are turning to hosted desktops to help solve their business challenges. However, while companies that use cloud technology are generating 26% higher profits than their competitors, many firms are still nervous about making the change. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Helping your company to capitalise on the power of the cloud, here are eight things you need to know about switching to a cloud hosted desktop.

  1. You need the internet to access the cloud

With cloud computing, all the applications, programs, and files you need to run your business are accessed over the web (instead of being stored on your computer’s hard drive). Dropbox, Google Docs and even Facebook and Netflix are all cloud-based services. So, first and foremost, you’ll need a decent broadband connection. If you don’t have a broadband speed of at least 4MB per second, then you’ll need to get this sorted before making the switch. You can check your internet speed here:

  1. You can access your desktop anywhere, from any device

A hosted desktop is just like a standard Microsoft Windows desktop. But instead of being stored on your computer, the settings, data, and operating system are delivered to you – via the internet – from a state-of-the-art data centre. This means you can access your important files from any device, even if you aren’t in the office.

  1. You can’t just use Dropbox, etc.

Well, you can, but we wouldn’t recommend it! While there are lots of cloud services out there, most of them aren’t suitable for the needs of modern businesses in terms of security, synchronisation, and version control.

  1. A hosted desktop delivers loads of benefits

But here are a few we think you’ll be really interested in:

  • Improved insights. The bringing together of processes and data can deliver enhanced management information. This can lead to more informed decision making; particularly when you can get real-time access to this info.
  • Increased productivity. Employees have access to everything they need wherever they need it; and on any device. Not only does this help to boost productivity, it also supports more flexible working practices.
  • Reduced costs. As well as being free from the hassle of running and maintaining your own server, with no costly hardware to buy, switching to a hosted desktop reduces IT investment costs. Likewise, storage capacity, processing power, memory, and network bandwidth are all part of a shared kit, so you get better equipment for your business, at a fraction of the price.
  • Improved security. Your data is backed up automatically in high security and carefully controlled UK data centres.
  • Continual improvements. All the latest software fixes and security updates are made automatically, and are constantly protecting your system.
  • Reduced downtime. You experience little to no downtime. For example, we provide 99.9% uptime for all cloud services.
  • Scale up and down with your business. You can set up accounts for new users and order more storage space in a matter of minutes.
  • Increased efficiencies. You don’t need to log in and log out of a plethora of applications. Log in once and have access to everything you need.

“It is one of the best moves we have made with regards to our IT infrastructure. It gives us so much more flexibility compared to our old server and it is much easier with all costs relating to back up, IT support etc. all rolled in to one low monthly fee. I would definitely recommend a hosted server solution from Cloud Geeni to other accountants.”

  1. The hosted desktop is really safe

With robust cloud encryption now available, storing data in the cloud can be safer than storing it onsite. In fact, online retailer Amazon is so confident about the security of the cloud that it runs its entire business on a cloud platform!

  1. Not all cloud-based services are managed

With a managed approach, IT specialists are watching your system all the time, making sure it’s running smoothly and quickly. Managed desktop services also boast best-in-class backup and recovery processes. So you can be sure that your data is recoverable should something go wrong.

  1. The hosted desktop isn’t expensive

The cloud has made enterprise-level software affordable for small and growing firms. A fully managed service – proven to improve your IT infrastructure – is usually available for one low monthly cost. In fact, companies who move to the cloud save, on average, 21% per year. What’s more, the cloud can help you to reduce costs – with no costly hardware to install or maintain. Just as important, upgrades and improvements are made by the service provider as standard. 50% of cloud users have reduced their IT spend by 25%.

  1. You can try before you buy

At Cloud Geeni, our Cloud Server services consistently achieve the highest level of data security and reliability. To find out how a hosted desktop solution can benefit your business, speak to a member of our team on 01942 263 434 or request a demo today!