Hosted desktops are becoming more and more popular in professional organisations such as law firms, accountancy practices and recruitment firms. But before you make the leap to a hosted desktop, you need to decide how you are going to manage this; both during set-up and on an ongoing basis.

Here are five reasons why it makes sense to outsource your virtual desktop.

  1. An expert partner will make setting up your virtual desktop infrastructure easy

There are a lot of things to consider when moving to a cloud-based hosted desktop. For example, which platform/products you should use, and what hardware your hosted desktops will run on. You’ll also need to take into account any legacy systems that need to be integrated into your new setup. But, while it is a complicated process, in choosing to outsource the procedure becomes simple; with tried and trusted experts and proven processes looking after your migration from start to finish. What’s more, your outsourced provider should be able to do this much faster than you could in-house; getting you up and running in no time.

  1. Managed support maximises uptime

With a managed approach, IT specialists are watching your system all the time, making sure it’s running smoothly and quickly. Managed desktop services also boast best-in-class backup and recovery processes, with multiple instances of backups should one host fail; so you can be sure that your data is recoverable should something go wrong. Just make sure you check the SLA of your hosted desktop provider. At Key, our hosted desktop solutions boast 99% uptime.

  1. Outsourcing can keep your costs down

In the majority of instances, going it alone is more expensive than outsourcing as you’ll need to invest in a new hosting infrastructure and pay for ongoing management, maintenance and upgrades. You’ll also have to put some contingency aside for any nasty surprises. However, with a managed desktop service, this investment has already been made on your behalf, so all costs are known and fixed. In fact, there is no cost of buying, running, and maintaining your own server, you get better equipment and enterprise level software for your business at a fraction of the price, and you just pay for what you need on a per user basis each month.

  1. You can better manage business growth

If you use your own infrastructure, scaling your setup could require a lot of extra hardware and software so you need to plan ahead; with any unforeseen changes to the economy leading to extra hassle for your IT department (and the unnecessary wastage of resources in the event of another downturn). But, with a hosted desktop partner, it’s easy to upgrade or add new software, so you can scale up (or down) as needed. Likewise, setting up new accounts for new staff and ordering more storage space or applications can be done in a matter of minutes.

  1. Managed support will help keep you compliant

While it is not a breach to pass client and other information to a cloud provider, a written contract must be created that requires your chosen provider to comply with the Data Protection Act. This should cover meeting established security levels, processes for dealing with information, service level agreements, and expected levels of backup and retrieval procedures. What’s more, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation designed to strengthen and unify data protection for everyone in the EU, will soon be mandatory. In fact, despite the Brexit vote, all UK businesses must become GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018.

Any reputable cloud-based service provider will have established processes in place to guarantee compliance with the necessary legislation; making it one less thing for you to worry about. But be sure to check:

  • That your provider complies with the relevant data protection provisions
  • How this data protection is maintained during required maintenance operations
  • Whether their data centres are situated in the UK
  • If not, that they at least offer full Safe Harbour compliance.

At Cloud Geeni, our cloud server services consistently achieve the highest level of data security and reliability. And, with the ability to try before you buy, you can request a demo or free trial today to see how our excellent hosted desktop solutions work in practice.

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