Letting people work from anywhere, anytime, hosted desktop solutions benefit a whole range of businesses. Here are three sectors that could see instant improvements from investing in this remarkable technology.

The legal sector

The legal sector has undergone radical changes over the last few years. Solicitors have never been under more pressure to reduce costs and free up cashflow. And, the sheer volume of information that needs managing is increasing. Cloud-based hosted desktops can help by giving the legal sector:

Improved access to business-critical information

By bringing together processes and data, the hosted desktop delivers enhanced management information. Firms can turn this into actionable insights, optimising the performance of each element of their operations and capitalising on new revenue streams

Peace of mind

With business continuity and regulatory compliance essential, resilient and secure working processes that guarantee access to legal documents are a must. Hosted desktop providers should deliver solutions that keep legal businesses profitable and compliant. However, it’s important to check that any partner will help meet Outcome 7.10 of the SRA Code of Conduct. In practice, this could mean drafting an agreement requiring a provider to deliver usable data to the SRA on demand.

Access to the latest tech

Hosted desktops provide the legal sector with access to enterprise-level informational tools that might otherwise be out of reach.

The ability to support mobile working

Lawyers and other employees get access to everything they need, wherever they need it, on any internet-enabled device. This supports more flexible working practices and leads to increased productivity.

A more stable cashflow

With the hosted desktop, firms no longer have to worry about buying, running, and maintaining their own server. Instead, they get access to the best IT, for one affordable monthly fee. So, costs are significantly reduced while cashflow is boosted.

Accountants & financial advisors

Modern accountants and financial advisors are much more than bean-counters. They provide insights, advise clients on how to improve their finances, and anticipate future trends. Providing access to enterprise-level informational tools, the hosted desktop brings together processes and data like never before. This enhanced management information leads to more informed decision making And that benefits accountants, their clients, and their businesses. The hosted desktop can help accountants to:

Become more productive

Accountants and support staff get access to everything they need, wherever they need it, on any device. This supports more flexible working practices and increases productivity.

Help clients with digital tax accounting

Due to legislative changes, business users will need to get online and keep accurate records. The hosted desktop makes it easy to share information securely with clients. This is something that will become increasingly important as accounts collaborate with them to make sure their financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

Reduce costs and improve the bottom line

Streamlining operations and automating critical processes reduces the burden of admin. This leaves accountants and financial advisors free to deliver enhanced customer service and revenue generation. What’s more, with no expensive hardware to buy, and the maintenance of IT systems done remotely by the provider, investment and upgrade costs are also reduced.

Improve security

With the hosted desktop, all the latest software is in place, and disaster recovery is enabled. Firewalls, encryption, and other security measures are also deployed and checked on a regular basis.  The latest software fixes and security updates are also made automatically. By automating back-up processes and ensuring data is secure, the problem of lost emails, missing documents and accidentally deleted files become a thing of the past.

The recruitment industry

Working in recruitment is a constant challenge. Strict deadlines, targets, and the need to match candidate and client expectations mean recruiters have to go above and beyond to get ahead of the rest. The hosted desktop can help recruiters to:

Keep data safe

At Cloud Geeni, we specialise in providing hosted desktops to recruitment consultants, and we understand what recruiters need to share and maintain candidate records securely. That’s why our services consistently achieve the highest levels of data security and reliability.

Reduce administrative overheads

Recruitment consultants get frustrated with the amount of paperwork and admin they are required to do. With the hosted desktop, recruiters can streamline operations and automate critical processes. This frees them to focus on those activities that boost revenue generation and improve client service.

Become more agile

Understandably, in the recruitment industry, agility is a highly desirable attribute. One which allows firms to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Cloud-based hosted desktops allow recruiters to be agiler; both in how they work and where they work. It’s also easy to upgrade or add new software. This makes it possible to grow and expand IT systems at the same pace as a business.

Of course, there are many other sectors that would benefit from using hosted desktops. For example, estate agents, construction, software vendors, automotive, publishing, insurance, and more.

If you’re thinking about investing in hosted desktops to support your business, speak to a member of our team to find out more.